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750pt Exiled Cadre list
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Default 750pt Exiled Cadre list

750pt list using the Exiled Cadre codex mentioned here.

Minor Divergence Traits:
Brothers in Blood
First among our own

HQ:- 142pts

XV8 'Crisis' Commander - 142pts
Monat Shas'el
Plasma Rifle
Fusion Blaster
Dual-axle Control Systems
Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Energy Shroud

Elites:- 194pts

XV8 'Crisis' Battlesuit- 97pts
Monat Shas'vre
Plasma Rifle
Fusion Blaster
Targeting Array
Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Energy Shroud

XV8 'Crisis' Battlesuit- 97pts
Monat Shas'vre
Plasma Rifle
Fusion Blaster
Targeting Array
Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Energy Shroud

Troops: 187pts

Fire Warrior Team- 97pts
8 Shas'la
Hard-wired Weapon Link
Missile Pod

Fire Warrior Team- 90pts
9 Shas'la

Fast Attack: 227pts

Piranha Light Skimmer- 85pts
Fusion Blaster
Targeting Array
Over-charged Engines

Hunter Team- 142pts
Shas'la x6
Advanced Rail rifle- Burning Lance

Note that this list does not represent the entire codex, it's merely what I've chosen for an upcomming 750pt game.

Here's some extracts from the Codex to help you understand what some of those units actualy mean. But I don't want to release too many details, as it still needs to have the purly 'Codex: Tau Empire' things censored from it.

Energy shroud
Highly volatile energy nodes are placed around the battlesuit's armour, which emit a crackling aura of electical energy. When the battlesuit engages in combat, this energy strikes at nearby enemies, protecting the battlesuit from retalliation and injuring the surrounding combatants. The energy shroud reduces the WS of all models in combat with the battlesuit by 1. At the end of each assault phase, all models in base contact with a model using an energy shroud take an automatic hit at Strength 3, AP -, with armour saves allowed. Monat teams and independant characters only without drones only.

Hard-Wired Weapon Link
Fire Caste doctrine forbids the use of the integration of heavy weapons into fire warrior teams, but with the separation of the exiled cadres this doctrine is ignored. A modification of the communications link earpieces is being used to connect a fire warrior's targeting systems to infantry-orientated version of battlesuit weaponry, greatly increasing the amount of firepower a unit can produce. This piece of wargear allows a Tau model to choose one battlesuit weapon system, but treating it as a heavy weapon, so a weapon with 'Assault 2' in its profile would become 'Heavy 2'. A Rapid Fire weapon using a weapon link fires as normal, but the model carrying it may not move and shoot. The weapon link is an inventive piece of wargear, but it has its risks. The control connection is wired directly from the weapon into the fire warrior's helmet and so if the weapon or weapon link malfunctions the results can be fatal to the fire warrior. Any weapon using a weapon link gains the Gets Hot! rule. If the weapon already has the Gets Hot! rule, then increase the chance of damage by one (For example, a fire warrior with a plasma cannon would suffer a wound on a roll of 1 or 2 to hit.)

Hunter Team
Exiled cadres have to live in a completely different way to their loyalist kin, and this shapes them. Where Tau pathfinders are calm, intelligent reconnaissance experts, hunters are brutal, heartless killers. They range ahead of the main force, acting as scouts, border guards and special operatives. They often act in support of infiltrated stealth teams using their rail rifles to pin the enemy in place and systematically destroy them. Their new way of life has opened up new styles of fighting and these tau would find no problem in getting close to the enemy, slitting throats and stabbing stomachs with their serrated knives, a skill that they have honed almost to perfection. They are the cold-hearted snipers of an exiled cadre, a life of segregation and hatred turning once bright young soldiers into bitter murderers.
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Default Re: 750pt Exiled Cadre list

This army list is beast, i'm using it!
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Default Re: 750pt Exiled Cadre list

This sounds like a very good army list.

If you had the time could you have made these models then posted them on here to show us what they look like.

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Default Re: 750pt Exiled Cadre list

This looks ace, where can I find a copy of this codex?

EDIT: No never mind, I found it. Great list though! ;D
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