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The old ones army
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Default Re: The old ones army

Originally Posted by warriorchris
Originally Posted by Commander Songblade
They'd all just eat each other.
Too true, Too true. sad is this game system that everything ends in eating.

the C'tan need power so they eat each other, the gamerz gget hungrey, so they eat a pizza.
So sigged. ;D
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All I know about the old ones:

They were a god-like species of alien that ruled the galaxy and had technlogy that would make the tau tech look like bady toys, and they look a little bit like the fat guys on thrones the lizardmen have. anyway...they liked to go round the galaxy creating life and there enemys were the necroyr. They went to war with the necroyr because the necroyr have really short life-spans and were kinda miffed about that.

But the old ones won the war, hands down. some of the necroyr survived and teamed up with some star gods called...the C'tan. The C'tan have no bodies and so the necroyr made them metal bodies, and the C'tan really liked them and promised to help them destroy the old ones. So the necroyr and their new buddies the C'tan went to war with the old ones.

This war wasn't such a walk in the park for the old ones, and so, to help them they created the Eldar and Rorks to fight for them. (Rorks are the possiable ancestors of Orks) and the war began. Evantually the old ones won, so the necroyr and the C'tan were banished to the darkest edges of the galaxy. But the war had been long and bitter and the Old one's empire was a wreck. The Eldar and the rorks reballed against there former masters and built an empire on the ruins of the old one's empire.

The Old one's diappeared, could have fled or destroyed were never seen again. But...in the most darkest and forgotten areas of the galaxy the necroyr were defeated and turn to there beloved gods for a answer. The necroyr wanted eternal life...and they got it...The C'tan tricked the necroyr into metal skeletons and they would never feel pain, pity, joy, love, happiness, sadness or any other emotions again. They became the necrons, the mighty armies of the C'tan whose only purpose is to serve the will of there gods.

Anyway the rorks turned stupid and became the orks, while the Eldar's empire fell to pieces before there eyes, and they like there masters, nearly dies out. The Eldar now live is huge space ships called craftworlds and dream of the empire they once had, there empire died because of the chaos gods. Now they live in the warp with hordes of deamons and armies of minions in the galaxy to do there bidding. As time lingered on empires rose and fell but in the end it was the humans they got hold on the galaxy but that's another story...

Oh dear...I appeared to have got a little carried away! I better stop now before I tell everyone the whole history of the Galaxy! Oh and by the way I was looking on a website the other day and I found out they some people think the old ones are not dead. They infact are trying to rebuild there empire and have created the tau to do that for them. Could that be true? Not one is complety sure why the tau are so advanced and where they came from, apart from the fact they were discovered by humans a while ago.
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Too true, Too true. sad is this game system that everything ends in eating.the C'tan need power so they eat each other, the gamerz gget hungrey, so they eat a pizza.
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