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Maybe starting Kroot
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Default Maybe starting Kroot

i might be starting kroot soon so any hints atall would be welcome

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Default Re: Maybe starting Kroot

Read The various Taticas on here for the kroot, very informative they be.
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Default Re: Maybe starting Kroot

Here's everything you need to know.

1.) Infiltrate good
2.) Fast Ref good, Orky Good, everything else sucks (relatively)
3.) Fleet with Surefoot VERY GOOD!
4.) Kroot hounds good. Krootox BAD BAD BAD BAD!
5.) Eviscerators and powerweapons are your friend.
6.) Use your cover, let the enemy come to you.

And the big one.

7.) Only you can prevent forest fires. Avoid flamers, kids.
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Default Re: Maybe starting Kroot

Understand that kroot are not as viable for tournaments as other armies... They are a FUN army. Their list isn't overtly powerful, even with the first turn assault. So, if you want an army that's fun, unique, and challenging, play kroot. If you want an army that will smash in tournaments, or dazzle the enemy with a dramatic display of firepower, play something else.
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Default Re: Maybe starting Kroot

Another thing you may want to know is that you want to take a pistol or assault weapon on your Shapers. As they are the only ones that can take extra weapons, you need to be sure that you utalize that aspect.

Vulture Kindred are probably one ot the best things for this army. Infiltrating, long movement, still get to shoot, and then assault. A Shuriken Catipult, Storm Bolter or any pistol is your best bet to put on the shaper for this squad.

With the Hunter Kindred, keeping them all Hunting Rifles is the best. Maybe give the Shaper here a Storm Bolter (That's what I did, just incase they need to move).

With the rest of the squads: Numbers, numbers NUMBERS! The more you can put into a squad, the better chance it has of surviving and getting into close combat. Take hounds over actual Kroot when you get the chance. It saves you points to put more of them in. I mean, for the same points 3 Kroot can give you 4 Kroot Hounds. And if you gave them the Hyperactive Nymune Organ, they'll be Fleeting any way. And give your assaulting squad Frag Grenades, your leaders Melta Bombs and Power-weapons or Evisorators to take care of Dreadnaughts and Tanks.

With your Master Shaper/Shaper Councle, besure you take the opertunity to put in Plasma and Melta weaponry, as they're the only ones that can take them. Maybe even give your Master wings and a Melta gun and throw him in with Vultures. Just adding to the killing power. ;D

I can't remember the name of them, but the Kindred that has the poison attack is well worth it for fighting things like Avatars, Deamons and Wraithguards. And they can still get their full attacks against weaker things as well.

Some things you may want to know about the upgrades are this: Blood of the Stalker and Sure Foot Charm are the best things to take with your units. You can infiltrate closer and you have a chance of moving further with Fleet. Well worth the points, in my opinion. Mark of the Favoured Child is probably the best thing to put on your Master Shaper or a Shaper in the councle with a Plasma Gun. It'll be your best save in the game, so pick where it goes wisely.

That's all I got for you. Happy Hunting!
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