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Kroot Shaper
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Default Elysians??

Elysians are supposedly a human ally of the Imperium according to a friend of mine who claims to have 2 boxes of their troops. Can anyone tell me where to find rules for this army??

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Default Re: Elysians??

Any moron who thinks that they're an "ally to the Imperium" doesn't deserve to collect Forge World :.

Elysians are humans from the Imperial world of Elysia - the Elysian Drop Troops are simply a regiment of the Imperial Guard.

Rules for using them are found in the Imperial Armour books (3? 4?), or they can be used via the Drop Troops doctrine in the Imperial Guard Codex.
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Default Re: Elysians??

The rules for an common Elysian company is in IA3: The Taros Campaign.
For the rules of Detachment-99, an elite force of Elysian, you will have to look for IA4: The Anphelion Project.
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