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1500 Kroot list
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Default 1500 Kroot list

I have always used Kroot as allies to my Dark Eldar but as I tried each squad to see what works I ended up collecting them to the point that I can sport an entire army. Here is a 1500 point list that uses everyone of my models – I still want your opinion but adding some ideas may not happen as I would need to buy more. Here it is:

Master Shaper – Power Weapon and Melta Gun. Kroothawk totem, Mark of the FC, Veneration charm. I was going to use him to fly with the Vultures and shoot. I was thinking of v-charm the melta gun.

9 Head Hunters – rifles, nymune & frags.
1 Shaper – BoS, s-charm, Eviscerator, slugga

13 Carniovres – rifles
1 Shaper – Eviscerator, slugga

13 Carniovres – rifles
1 Shaper – Eviscerator, slugga

13 Carniovres – rifles
1 Shaper – Eviscerator, slugga

10 Houndpack Kroot – rifles, nymune & frags
1 Shaper – Eviscerator, slugga, s-charm, v-charm
10 Kroot Hounds

9 Vultures – 9 rifles & frags
1 Shaper – Eviscerator, slugga, BoS, v-charm

7 Trackers – 7 hunting rifles
1 Shaper – Eviscerator, slugga, v-charm

1499 points with 91 models.

Not sure what to give Blood of the Stalker to but figured the Head Hunters and Vultures were going be my first strike units but the Hounds and Trackers may be better – I don’t know (should I give everyone it?).
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Default Re: 1500 Kroot list

It looks like a pretty solid list. I'm not a big fan of the Vultures, but I guess they work better than a random dice roll with the Nymune Organ. You went a little crazy with the Eviscerators, but that makes sense as they help fend off vehicles. Though, with the Vultures I would have given (Maybe) a Shuriken Catapult, that way you have a chance of causing more wounds before you run into the unit (Being an assault weapon), and then V-charm that. I tend to really like using Kroot Hounds (Being naturally faster in CC) and therefore try and max out the number of Hounds I take in the Hound Pack. All and all, very nice.
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