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Mercenaries and the Shapers.
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Default Mercenaries and the Shapers.

Now, I know the benefits of taking the Shaper Council over the Master Shaper, but my question is that in the Chapter Approved with the Mercenary list, it has the 1 next to the entry of Master Shaper. And I'm pretty sure that means that you MUST take one in the army, but I'm not sure if that applies to the Mercenary list, or a pure Kroot list. Thoughts?
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Default Re: Mercenaries and the Shapers.

The "1" only applies to a pure kroot list. If you are merc'ing them out, you can take what ever you want (1 HQ, 1 Elite, 2 Troops, 1 FA, 1 HS), provided the total number of selected squads is equal to or less than the number of troops from your own army.
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