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Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please
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Default Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

Ive got a 1000pt kroot army and i do OK with it but i can never seem to be able to beat necrons with it. Out of 7 games, i only managed to be able to win 1 time. I keep getting beaten by destroyers, who take out the entire shaper council in 1 turn. And the night bringer, which for some reason u can take in 1000 pts. I can only take it out with tracker kindreds, but after this they get first turn destroyered. In kroot are just no match for necron warriors, even if they do out number them 2 to 1. Plz can u give me some advice, seeing as most of my friends play necrons :P

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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

You're a brave man playing Kroot. Especially against the silver cheese .

I'd say first check his list. The NB is about 400 points, 20 'crons (minimum required) are 360ish, and the rest of the points are for Destroyers. I'm not saying he's pulling a fast one, but if he uses more then that...

With that being said, Kroot are decent a lower levels and necrons have a dangerously low model count at 1000 points.

Ignore the C'tan, he will kill you quick and it's not really worth it. Equip all your Shapers with Eviscerators. They tear through Necron squads and he shouldn't have a ResOrb anywhere so once they're down, they're not getting back up. Remember that Necrons strike after you do. If you can do enough damage they'll be swamped (if enough models are in there) and with a little luck, they'll break. Also if for some reason you do come in contact with the NB, your Eviscerators should put a little hurt on him too.

Ignore the Destroyers. They'll hurt but stick in cover, and move towards 'cron lines. The warriors are the real deal. You should do fine 2-1, and only poor rolls could stop you. You'll be instant killing 2 warriors a turn with your Shaper depending one your squad size (lets say 16) and be down 2-3 more. Out of a 10 man squad that's a huge loss. Especially now since they only have 6 or so attacks back, 3 of which might hit. Even if all three die, you still won combat and outnumber them 2-1. Break check at minus 2!

Units that could help include Hound squads and as many infiltrating 14-16 carnivore squads. All Eviscerators... if he's lame enough to use a NB and Destroyers against you in a 1000 point game he can deal with it. If you really want to put the hurt on him (and smell a little cheesy) Bring two 30 man hound squads (10 Kroot, 20 Hounds). Give the Shaper an Eviscerator, Blood of the Stalker, HNO, and Surefoot Charm. Give the Master Shaper the KrootHawk Totem and hope to God for a first turn.

Should you get it, you can have 60 guys with a total of 180 attack on him on turn one! That's some dead warriors and possibly game! Even if he survives with say 5 guys left, he's still out numbered 5-1...
That'll teach him. You won't even be shot at!

By the way, Vultures make for a much more secure 1st turn assault. The Hounds can then follow. It really depends on how you want to play it. Hounds are definitely better bang for your buck though...

Now I'm not recommending this unless you really want to bring the pain. But anyways, remember... Don't bother with the Nightbringer, go for Phase Out. Always play the mission. Deploy in cover unless you're banking on a first turn assault (even the it would make sense). Always hug or use cover. Eviscerators will ignore We'll Be Back. Whenever you can assault for the break. If you can pull a squad below 50% awesome.

It'll still be a tough game. A huge problem with the Kroot list is the outdated Eaters of the Dead rule. It prevents you from using the best thing you have against the 'crons, namely weight of numbers in close combat. You'll just have to cross your fingers.

PS - Tell your friends real men play GEq armies. MEq armies and especially Crons are for power gamers and noobs...

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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

Exokan has hit the nail on the head with this one: Your advantage over the necrons lies in your ability to weigh them down with such a sheer number of attacks that he won't be able to hold his own. In fact, the very model that you are so worried about will be his downfall, as the nightbringer eliminates roughly 20 bodies worth from his army.

A hunter kindred will be your best friend: since the nightbringer is "Above All Others" you can easily pick him out, and hitting on 2's wounding on 4's means that with his 4+ save he's averaging two wounds a turn, more if he rolls bad. Against things like destroyers and warriors the ability to hit from a goodly distance means they are relatively safe, and can use cover to their advantage.

A head-hunter kindred with fleet usually performs very nicely, as they can not only lock in those first-turn assaults, but they also can put 20 some odd attacks against the nightbringer, even as a minimum squad.

"Ork Hybrid" is also your friend, as even if you have fewer attacks, the more kills you can deny your opponent the better (Those destroyers aren't as scary when the worst they can do against your characters is wound them, rather than instant kill)

Balance is always the key; your goal will be to wipe him out by turn two. Use your Carnivore squads with BOS to get first-turn rapid fire (or at least a good chunk of cover). Fleeting squads like the council, headhunters, and Hound packs will hold him down and potentially kill him. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE (for once) A HIGHER INITIATIVE THAN YOUR ENEMY!!!! Destroyers don't quite seems so tough when they've been Eviscerated, while only wounding a single Kroot in return. :P

Otherwise, best of luck to you. For the Kindred!!! :rockon:

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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

i would like to thank you both for this, it really helped. i played my friend again and this time I BROUGHT THE PAIN!! I just went for the warriors, and phased out his destroyers/ night bringer. You are right about the warriors, they are the ones to go for. he wasn't smiling so smugly when that final charge hit home. My shaper council nearly took out the lord unit in 1 turn.

Again thanks for this. Now the cron player is calling my army cheesy

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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

I might be missing something but aren't eviscerator's considered powerfists? Don't models with them strike last then?

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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

Whoo! After reading this whole thread, it makes me want to start playing Kroot mercs, which I might just consider....
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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

Make sure you don't bring anyone with s3 along with your units, NB will just flex them off his warriors.
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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

Yeah i play tau adn have got bout 2000 points of it. I used loads of kroot in the army cus they look so cool. but now i have a pure tau army and give kroot their own army, which they deserve.

Eviscerators do strike last, but the shaper is in a mssive unit so it dosent matter. but they also get 2d6 armor penetration


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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

If you can, ignore the rest of the necron force except the warriors, they are your main target. One point i can't stress enough, warriors are a necrons players lifeline.
Im a necron player myself, when someone targets everything at my warriors i start to worry!.

good luck
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Default Re: Fighting Necrons with Kroot, help please

Ammm Cron's though powerful, are pretty defenseless against us (kroot).

The only blast weapon they got is a particle wip. And that is used by "rubics cube". Also remember 2 magic words. "PHASE OUT". Kill 75% of 'Crons and you will win automatically. Monolith, C'tan, Tomb Spiders, Pariah & scrabs are NOT necrons! Leave them alone and assault tin cans. With chainsaws you should be able to chop them to peaces. Also remember that after they get "eviscerated" they will not get up. In fact even a power weapon will do the trick.
Try to get into assault as soon as you can. 'Crons are not assault material. They got dedicated units, but even they are not that scary when confronted with a ChainSaw. Just don't let them shoot.

***Special note on Spiders and C'tans. Use hunters! They will get them down fairly easy.***
***Special note on flying "rubic cube". Just LEAVE it alone. Its fairly slow and if you are in HtH it can't do anything. It can pull squads out of HtH, but it CAN't use partial whip that turn.***

All and all, do not worry, just try to get into HtH fast. Also, don't forget hunters and Chain Saws. Power weapon Council might do the trick as well.

Hope I helped ^_^.

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