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Squat- Demiurg, and...Thousand Sons?
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Default Squat- Demiurg, and...Thousand Sons?

Hi folks,

With the new Chaos Codex imminent, I'll have to say goodbye to using my Alpha Legion cultists in a codex legal list .

What sucks about that is I'm using some rather old lines to represent my cultists- namely Ordo Militia figures and my Squat army. I'd like to continue to use these miniatures in games, so here's my thoughts:

As my Ordo militia models are simply humans with pistols and knives, I've decided to make them a genestealer cult army that is codex legal. I'll just use them with gaunt statlines to represent generation 3 and 4 hybrids (which were nearly completely human looking in appearance). I may even break out an old Magus miniature to use as a Zoanthrope.

But for my squats I want to try a slightly different approach. Most people I've talked to are telling me to base them from the IG codex, which makes sense, except I wanted to capture a few elements that are distinctly Squat/Demiurg:

- Very slow movement rate (Slow and Purposeful)
- High Toughness and WS4
- Use of Ionic Weaponry

So...it may sound like a bit of a stretch, but what about Rubric Marines?

It's a match as far as WS, T, and movement. A Chaos Lord could just as easily be a Squat Warlord. A Thousand Sons Sorceror could be a living ancestor.

Squat bikers could be discs/screamers that emerge from a gate (available to Squats in 2nd edition).

And then Inferno Bolts. Maybe we can say these are ion-based rifles that the squats carry, and that the invul save is an ionic field?

What do you think? I'm starting to like this idea as the rules feel more like a rare, elite race that has been forgotten by mankind (and GW!).

- Yriel
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Default Re: Squat- Demiurg, and...Thousand Sons?

I quite like this idea. Go Squats! ;D
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Default Re: Squat- Demiurg, and...Thousand Sons?

Using 1ksons to represent 'em isn't a bad idea. Though, I must confess: I'm worried that you seem to be exceedingly confused...

Squats and Demiurg cannot possibly be interchangeably 'the same'. One is an abhuman and the other is xenos.

Otherwise, despite that, if you're willing to convert up a fair few squats then I'd say go for it. 1ksons were always a good option, though Orks were also, curiously enough, somewhat appropriate!

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