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Kroot banners/flags
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Default Kroot banners/flags

I have started work on my Tau/Kroot army and I'm in the process of converting some figures into various command elements.
Now not everyone agrees with the use of banners /flags on 40K figures, however I think that a good army standard is a pre requisite for an army (too many years of historical gaming!)

I'm at a loss as to what a Kroot banner may look like or would have emblazoned upon it, I have not seen anything in the 'fluff'.

Anyone have any ideas or have seen a Kroot banner/flag on anyone else's miniatures?


Ps Mods apologies for double post.....not everyone reads all the sections though :-[
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Default Re: Kroot banners/flags

Tribal glyphs are a definate prerequisite. Lots of stripes and simple, sweeping polygonal shapes. The banner itself should be draped with small charms: bones, feathers, skulls, bells, chimes, etc. Think cro-magnon cave drawings, as far as the design pattern.
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Default Re: Kroot banners/flags

Yea. and maybe some Ork and 'Nid Heads From the Space Marine Scout and imperial Guardsmen sprues

I meant the ork head as in the IG pic in the little rulebook

Or maybe just some Guardsmen heads and the shaper having "Minted Roast Head with body" as the posh would call it
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Default Re: Kroot banners/flags

I started doing something similar but never actually started modelling. Here's a banner that I made on MS Paint a while ago.


You're welcome to use it but I think a Kroot banner should be more.... primitive. Including impailed heads would be good.

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Default Re: Kroot banners/flags

Kroot banners sound pretty cool, just make sure it suits them, maybe you could merge the Tau insignia with the Kroot insigna. Showing that Kroot and Tau are one.
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Default Re: Kroot banners/flags

Cheers for the suggestions folks.
I will post up some in progress shots once I get back to this. (Now assembling the masses!)

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