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Rogue Trader Army
Old 18 Jun 2007, 22:21   #1 (permalink)
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Default Rogue Trader Army

I've always thought that a Rogue Trader army would be really cool but I haven't really come up with a great way to represent it. Has anyone seen any rules or have any background info on RTs?

Using just available codices I could probably use WH or DH with allied IG to put together a decent force and simply model them to be more like space pirates. I think using an Inquisitor as the Captain would work really well.

Any ideas would be a big help. Thanks.
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

Hmm... difficult. If you want a "legal" Rogue Trader army, then your best bet is to make use of the Imperial Guard allied with Kroot Mercenaries.

However, you can always petition some people around here to drum up a Rogue Trader Codex.
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

I was actually already thinking of doing this.

I might crack on and finish it now.
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

i guy i know is doing an all rouge trader space marine list.. that mewans all old skool landraiders, and marines itll be interesting...
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

A mix of Imperial Guard an "counts-as" Inquisition units seems like the best bet.

Keep in mind that we are talking about the current idea of Rogue Traders in the 40k Universe, not the "Rogue Trader" era of Games Workshop. "Rogue Trader Space Marines" usually just means that you are fielding a Space Marine list with ancient models. Not sure I see Space Marines as being a good bet for a "counts as" Rogue Trader army. Rogue Traders may have access to Power Armor, but certainly not in bulk.
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

Basically a Guard army with inquisitor allies makes a lot of sense.

Inquisitor Lord plus retinue - This represents the Rogue trader himself plus his bodyguards and staff.

I wouldn't take any heavy tanks in a rogue trader list they don't seem fitting but doctrines like Light infantry, sharp shooters, carapace armour, hardened fighters and veterans would all be fitting for the troops that would accompany him.

Sentinels and kroot mercanaries would fit in well. Other inquisition allies that might work could include Sisters of battle (elite shock troops) arcro flaggelants (alien berserkers, killer robots), death cult assassins or even daemon hosts.
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

Me and my brother made a brilliant Rogue Trader list using LatD rules. It included all sorts of nifty things including ork mercenaries(counts as mutants with firearms), and lots of traitors. It would have been a great list, but now I'm gonna have to wait for codex Renegades or whatever the hell its called. And if that doesnt work, then inquisition/imperial guard it is. Or just an illegal LatD list...
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

An Inquisition-style army would seem most fitting, I think. Rogue Traders probably wouldn't have much in the way of permanent forces under their command, and would requisition Imperial units as and when they were needed, much like the Inquisition.
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

I would lay my vote with the Inquisition - Inquisitors are perfect for the trader himself, and the weird things could be alien allies/mercs.

You could have inducted Imperial Guard to represent the Press-Ganged ratings, while I Stormies can be the Freemen of the crew as well as the ratings.

Officers using the Inquisitors retinue - sage becomes First Officer, Mystic becomes Astropath, Warrior becomes Servitor bodyguard etc.

Its something I've thought a lot on, but funds do not allow, sadly.

If it helps, from what I have gleaned from books, a Rogue Trader ship crew looks like:

RT himself
then Officers (bridge crew, mainly) ---------- Navigator, Techpriest, Senior
Freemen (none press ganged men who attend to more menial tasks, like officer attendance, and bridge attendance) -----------------------------Techpriests, Junior
Ratings (lowest of the freemen, roles such as cooking, cleaning for officers, Deck Chiefs for engines, torpedo room, shuttle pilots etc)
Press-Ganged Scum from across the galaxy (essentially slaves, provides the manual labour for the weapons, etc)
Servitors (well, you know servitors)
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Army

I don't think Storm Troopers would be appropriate to represent Freemen. They don't exactly sound like a military elite to me.
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