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Another Kroot Mercenaries List
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Default Another Kroot Mercenaries List


Sorta new when it comes to Kroot. I'm currently building an army, and wanted to get some comments on it. I'm basically buying then painting one unit at a time so it all looks great. I had initially wanted a few pillbox small squads to lay down Plasma fire, but then I noticed Carnivore shapers can't take Plasma guns. Lame. Anyways here's the list.


Master Shaper - Nymune, Meltagun, Veneration Charm, Power Weapon, Surefoot Charm, Kroothawk Totem, Blood of The Stalker, Frag Grenades
This is the big guy. He'll hunt tanks and then chew into squads using IC status for protection. I would take hounds if their status regarding IC wasn't so weird.

Headhunter Kindred (14) - Shaper w/ Eviscerator, Surefoot Charm, Blood of The Stalker
Basically and expensive Carnivore Squad that'll support the Hounds. The venom might be useful if I have to deal with a C'tan...

Carnivore Kindred (14) - Shaper w/ Eviscerator
Carnivore Kindred (16) - Shaper w/ Eviscerator

Stock Carnivores. Either take up positions in cover and grab objectives or act as second wave assaulters. Wish I could have given them plasma weapons...
Carnivore Kindred (14) - Shaper w/ Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs, Blood of The Stalker
There to be a little different from the other squads. Definitely an objective getter, but it can snag a tank and survive in combat as well (but not for long)
Great Knarloc Baggage Herd (1) - Goad (1)
Nice, small, goofy scoring unit. I'll try and always park it in the back in cover and rush for objectives later.

Kroot Hound Pack - 10 Kroot, 20 Hounds w/ Nymune
Shaper w/Eviscerator, Surefoot Charm, Blood Of The Stalker

Standard pimped out hound squad. Nothing original...

Goaded Great Knarloc (1) - Goads (6)
Shaper w/ Eviscerator, Surefoot Charm

Scary dinosaur which will either support assaults, or act as a fire magnet. Wish it could infiltrate...
Mounted Great Knarloc - Explosive Bolts (S6,AP6 small blast assault 1)
Another scary guy. Will try and hit light vehicles or light infantry. Dunno if a Kroot Gun is worth it (dumb rapid fire...)


That's basically the deal with leaving points costs out. You can grab most of them from GW's free rules anyways. It all clocks in at about 1450 points. To fill it out I was thinking a Hunter squad. To get to 1850, maybe three more Great Knarlocs (one of each). They are pricey though...Maybe some regular knarlocs instead (from IA3). The models look great.

What do you think? Would it work? I'm looking for a mix of flavor and effectiveness.
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Default Re: Another Kroot Mercenaries List

Personally, I'd drop the Melta and Power Weapon in favor of an Eviscerator, and drop Fleet and the Surefoot charm for wings. You get much better performance (four anti-tank attacks rather than one), and 4 times out of 5 he'll be striking last anyway, so you might as well get your WS4 attacks in at S8 rather than S4. Heck, drop the Ven. Charm, and take Mark of the Chosen to increase his survivability (it's saved him many, many times for me).

Also, aside from the Headhunter Kindred and eviscerators, you're basically F***ed if you come up against a monstrous creature, or anything with T7+. I'd take some knarlock riders, or a hunter kindred (the kindred is nice and cheap, but the riders can cover-hop like nobody's business.

Don't rely on the hounds. They will die. Unless you are in combat every turn with I2 troops with no special weapons, you will get your ass handed to you on a platter as they either shoot you up or chop you up. Really, I use my Hound squad just to tie/soften up units that I don't want to get a shooting phase, or to shield against said units by blocking line of sight with close combat.

As expensive as they are, don't forget Kroot Guns. This really makes a difference over S6 blast weapons when you are up against AV 13 and the aforementioned monstrous creatures.
"I have exactly one-hundred men under my command counting on ME to lead that charge, you two-bit mechanic. I have five seige tanks, eight APC's, an artillery platform and a light mech that need resupply and repair by dusk. I need remote mines set, trenches dug, and my men fed and rested, or those Marines are going to be using us for toothpicks. Get it done, Fio'vre." Officer Sherwin Jackson, 13th Dal'yth Company, to Fio'vre D'nan

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Default Re: Another Kroot Mercenaries List

Nice use of gnarlocs! :P ;D something that other kroot master shapers lack :-\
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