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Kroot Battle report
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Default Kroot Battle report

This batrep was played in the 4th of April. one of Ben's (a good friend and avid Kroot collector) most humiliating defeats
all my plans foiled by 15 measly mutants!-Ben

Desert Encounter

Sayver Rostov looked over his small band of men. They had been formed under the command of Cilioi, the Chaos Champion who had formed the band of misfits who stood ready for the fight ahead of them. The Kroot had been tailing them for over a week, and had caught up with them. Many of Sayver’s men were exhausted from the desert heat, but the Kroot showed no such hindrance as they ran across the desert sands at an effortless lope. Sayver’s gaze fell upon the mutants that had joined them. They were twisted and deformed, with giant mangled wings, but had crude pistols issued to them and the leader had a massive powerfist. Suddenly, all the Kroot stopped. A massive winged figure stepped out from the Kroot. He yelled a loud, clicking warcry. Sayver flexed his own powerfist and motioned for his squad to join him. The battle was soon to begin.


The mission is a 6-turn combat patrol annihilate on a desert battleground 5’11’’ by 3’4’’. It is the Lost and the Damned, being played by Charlie Vs the Kroot, being played by Ben. I am Evan, the referee. The army lists are below:

Leigon of Cilioi: HQ
Chaos Aspiring Champion Cilioi
Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, Mark of Tzeentch, Winds of Chaos, assigned to Traitors
-72 Pts

Traitor Squad
10 Traitors w/ Agitator Sayver w/ powerfist. Autocannon platform
-120 Pts

Mutant Squad
15 Mutants w/ mutant boss w/ powerfist. Tzeentchian Blessing, Firearms
-205 Pts

Total=397 Pts

Lynaackhou Kindred(Ork Hybrid): HQ
Master Shaper Lynaackhou
Power Weapon, Bolter, Kroothawk Totem, Mark of the Favoured Child, Wings
-108 Pts

Carnivore Kindred
10 Kroot Carnivores w/ Shaper
-133 Pts

Fast Attack
Vulture Kindred
10 Kroot Vultures w/ Shaper
-159 Pts

Total=400 Pts

Battle Plan

Charlie: first of all, that Master Shaper really worries me. If he gets to my lines then that power weapon will really come into its own. My plan for this is to get my Traitors Autocannon and blast the Shaper with that until he gets close and then he’ll face a flurry of lasgun fire and those lovely Winds of Chaos. The other thing that really worries me is the basic Shapers. With three (yes, three) wounds for a basic upgrade. Lucky he hasn’t tooled them up! My mutants are to be the Vulture hunters, as with the Blessing of Tzeentch they can move 12” too, and the Vultures get no save against the firearms. The last thing is the Carnivores. With my Traitor’s weapons, the Carnies should fall like rocks. I hope!

Ben: I’m scared of his mutants the most as if he gets to my master shaper it could be gone easily, I’m not bothered about his Autocannon, I know he wants to do some instant deaths on my Kroot but its not going to happen, my army is Ork hybrid so it wont work. My plan is to keep my carnivores attacking then on the 3rd turn, if not earlier, ill bring in my vultures, then next turn ill cause some immense pain with my master shaper then if I have any carnivores left ill make them retreat and then cause utter destruction with them later.

Turn 1
Ben: I won the roll for the first turn by 1 thanks to the Kroothawk Totem! My Carnivores were set up in a line in an adjacent quarter to Charlie’s, so I moved then 6” towards Charlie’s army. My Carnivores sighted the Traitors and let loose a hail of bullets in their direction, with six finding their mark and four wounding, but two of these simply bounced off of the Traitors armour. With nothing more to do, I handed the dice over to Charlie, and hoped for the best!
Charlie: well that came out better than I’d hoped. My Traitors recovered from the shots and marched towards the Kroot. When my Traitors stopped moving, they quickly readied their weapons, but before they got a chance to shoot, Cilioi unleashed the foul Winds of Chaos, felling one Kroot. ‘Twas now that the Traitors shot, hitting nine times and wounding four and killing the same amount. The Mutants followed suit, seven of there shots finding a Carnivore, four wounding and four being fatal. The only Kroot left, the Shaper, fled in terror at the sight before him. With no chance of a charge, I gave Ben the tape measure and hoped that Deep Strike would fail…
Turn 2
Ben: a war cry was heard from overhead as the Vultures and Master Shaper descended upon the Traitors, but a strong updraught caught them, and sent them scattering away from the target. The Carnivore Shaper continued to run, even when summoned by the Master Shaper. Lynaackhou ignored the screams of the Shaper, and trained his bolter on the Traitors, felling one. On a command from the Master Shaper, the Vultures opened fire upon the Traitors, their superb marksmanship felling six of them. The fleeing Shaper gathered himself, and fired a single shot at the Traitors, but panic caused him to miss. Unfortunately, I was now open to the full force of the Autocannon.
Charlie: The lone Traitor heaved the Autocannon platform backward, then wheeling it around to face Lynaackhou. The Mutants shambled forward, taking aim with their firearms at the Vultures. But the Autocannon fired first, only one of the two shots hitting. This one shot was to grievously wound Lynaackhou, but he was saved by his Mark of the Favoured Child. The Mutants let loose a hail of shots, nine hitting and five wounding and killing, due to the inferior armour saves of the Kroot. This was followed by the Aspiring Champion also opening fire, but upon the Master Shaper, but once again, the Mark of the Favoured Child deflected my shots. At the end of the second turn, I heavily outnumbered Ben, but he still had that dreaded Master Shaper…
Turn 3
Ben: with a cry, my Master Shaper took to the skies and landed again in the Mutants faces. With a brief gesture from the Master Shaper, the Vultures flew towards the Traitors. The fleeing Shaper continued to run, nearly fleeing the battlefield altogether. The Vultures again lined up their guns on the sole Traitor and fired, blowing him to oblivion and rendering the Autocannon useless. The Master Shaper aligned his Bolter on the Aspiring Champion and fired twice, both hitting, but Cilioi merely shrugged them off. The fleeing Shaper turned, firing twice at the Mutants, but felling only one of the foul creatures. Meanwhile, the Vultures had bravely charged into combat with the Mutants, attacking ten times, but three were blocked by the Mutants. Out of these seven that had hit, five had wounded, four ending up fatal. The Mutants struck back, with seven hits, three wounds, but only felling two. With the combat unresolved, the Master Shaper charged into the Aspiring Champion, them both striking simultaneously, but their skills were equal, and the combat was left unresolved with no wounds being scored. With my Vultures stuck in combat with the Mutants, my Shaper running away and Lynaackhou still hacking away at the Aspiring champion, I’m just thanking God that the Master Shaper is still alive!
Charlie: thanks to Ben, all my units were stuck in combat! I decided to resolve the Mutant-Vulture combat first. The Kroot struck first, but failed to wound my Mutants. They struck back, scoring eight hits and four wounds, leaving only a Shaper with one wound. After the Shapers Leadership test, it was proven that he was not a coward, and stayed in combat despite having the odds stacked against him. Now to the HQ combat. The Aspiring Champion scored a wound on Lynaackhou, but the Master Shaper felled Cilioi in revenge. My leader had fallen, but I had only three wounds to deal with in minimum with my eight mutants. All I can do is hope he don’t finish me in the next turn!
Turn 4
Ben: Bonus! That Aspiring Champion is dead! My fleeing Shaper also gathered himself, and charged towards the existing combat with the Mutants and Vulture Shaper. The Master Shaper also turned to face the combat. With a cry, the Carnivore Shaper and the Master Shaper charged into the combat, but despite a flurry of attacks, only one hit and failed to wound. Charlie’s Mutants struck back and scored eight hits, with three wounds, leaving the Master Shaper with one wound and the Carnivore Shaper with two. The odds are mounted against me, but death to all Mutants!!!

Charlie: I like the current situation! I still have eight mutants, I thought they would have been wiped out last turn, but with all Ben’s ones and twos, he scored no wounds! I had nothing to do but go straight to the assault phase. Ben’s Master Shaper attacked first with three attacks, but with a triple one, his Master Shaper must have been the unluckiest model in the game! He definitely won’t be Ben’s Man of the Match! Now Ben’s Shaper struck, but he rolled another one! Then my Mutants struck back with sixteen attacks, felling both the Shaper and Lynaackhou! Victory to the Lost and the Damned!
Army Kills Losses
LatD 400 279
Kroot 279 400

Lost ands the Damned Victory-solid victory

Conclusions and Man of the Match

Ben: My battle plan was terrible. It changed within the first turn, if my Vultures had come in a turn later and then Lynaackhou the turn after then I may have had a chance with his Mutants because my plan was to use the Carnivores as a distraction while my Master Shaper and Vultures shot the Mutants to pieces. I had also planned on my Carnivores holding out a bit longer, they couldn’t have been much more useless! My luck was also terrible. Towards the end of the game I rolled five (yes, five) ones in a row! There is not much else to say but good game to Charlie, he played really well. I’ll get you next time!

Charlie: I think my battle plan at least stayed there on the Mutants part. I think my Traitors should have held out a bit longer as well, as they were a fairly important part of my plan. If they had stayed alive for just a bit longer then they would have run riot, shooting everything that crossed their path. Cilioi did rubbish. Yes, he did score a wound on the Master Shaper, but apart from that all he done was kill a single Kroot Carnivore. I really can’t praise my Mutants enough. They ripped up some Carnies, took out the whole Vulture Kindred and finished off the dreaded Master Shaper! For only 205 Pts you get fifteen lethal Kroot-killing machines! Mutants rule!

Man of the Match
Ben: none of my army performed particularly well, but the award has to go to the Vulture Shaper, firstly, for staying alive until the end, and secondly for just wreaking havoc!
Charlie: my man of the match would have to be the Mutant Boss. He killed around six Kroot, including dealing the fatal blow to the Master Shaper.

tell me what you think!
Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...
-W. B. Yeats, The Second Coming.

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine.
-A very clever person

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Default Re: Kroot Battle report

Good battle report!
I enjoy reading them.
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Default Re: Kroot Battle report


Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...
-W. B. Yeats, The Second Coming.

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine.
-A very clever person

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Default Re: Kroot Battle report

That was a great battle report..often they end up too long and complicated and I lose interest, but this one was great. Nice work!

It's also great to have a battle report with two fairly rare armies, and the little bits of story really add to it.
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Default Re: Kroot Battle report

Thanks Dom, i always appreciate feedback, and you always seem to give it, thanks again

Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...
-W. B. Yeats, The Second Coming.

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine.
-A very clever person

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Default Re: Kroot Battle report

Nice Battle Report, I always enjoy reading Battle Reports, ya know that makes me want to start a kroot army but I'm too lazy.
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Default Re: Kroot Battle report

good bat. rep man.
Was a good read.
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