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First Kroot Merc => Please Tear Appart
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Default First Kroot Merc => Please Tear Appart

HQ Shaper Council 202
3 shapers
2 meltas, 1 Stormbolter
4 hounds
Blood of the stalker
Kroothawk Totem

Troops 1 Carnivore Squad 158
1 Shaper (eviscerator)
13 kroot

Troops 2 Carnivore Squad 158
1 Shaper (eviscerator)
13 kroot

FA 1 Vulture Squad 214
1 Shaper (eviscerator)
11 kroot
Fast Reflexes

FA2 Hound Pack 268
1 Shaper (eviscerator)
10 Handlers
Blood of the stalker
Fast Reflexes
Hyperactive Nymune
12 Hounds

So lets see: 70 models, with 2 meltas, 1 stormbolter and 4 eviscerators.

I don't know if that's enough or if i went overboard with the upgrades, but i was under the impression that getting into cc early is important, so a lot of the upgrades are to that purpouse. The fast reflexes are there to even the score in cc a little, but then again it might not be neccessart, and I can happily change it for a few extra models.

Finally, the storm bolter is out of place, but i had 5 points left for my council. I wanted it to be adept at killing tanks, but okay against infantry in a pinch. So the hounds are there for extra wounds/attacks against infantry and the firepower is there should i manage to get close to the tanks. 3 eviscerators would be preferable in both cases (tanks/infantry) due to the number of attacks i can dish out, but I can't exactly afford it. Should I upgrade to a master shaper instead to help me with this?

I thought that leaving the one guy with a heavy bolter might be fantstic, as I'm converting IG to take the roles of each kroot: Commissars being shapers etc. I was wanting to model the Storm Bolter Commissar standing nonchalantly with a Gears of War style Lancer (the rifle with the massive chainsaw bayonett) resting on his shoulder. I'm willing ot drop him, as I'll be modeling him anyways.

Any help would be awesome.



Chimeras Forever!
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Default Re: First Kroot Merc => Please Tear Appart

A Master Shaper is mandatory, isn't it?
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Default Re: First Kroot Merc => Please Tear Appart

Yeah, the master shaper is a mandatory single HQ choice. And it's limit 1, so no multi-independant characters. The shaper council is 0-1.

Also, signature evolutionary adaptations must be applied to EVERY Kroot (not hounds or 'ox) model, or not at all. You can't pick and choose units to have certain adaptations (as nice as that would be...Mmmm, I smell nachos). Either drop it and take more models, or drop some models and apply it as it should be.

The advantage of fast reflexes and other adaptations is that hounds and ox get the bonus for free if their associated masters are so enhanced. If you feel like sinking the cash to get them, and stock up on Hound Packs, you can have a number of high-Initiative CC troops for 2 points less than the enhanced kroot!

Also keep in mind that the kroot, while cheap, numerous, and fairly strong, will get hashed up by monstrous creatures, large high-armor squads, and most everything else. Your list will be good against guardsmen, tau, and very likely necrons as well (they may be strong, but they don't get many attacks back if you can hit them hard enough.) Most everything else is going to be either a challenge or very difficult, and if the roll for mission comes up alpha you're going to be footslogging all those CC troops through enemy fire. I'd actually drop some of your other models to take a kroot hunter kindred: they cost the same as a normal kroot, but have a nice sniper weapon to lay down supressing fire with. Plop those behind their 6" tree line and you can safely harrass and pick off enemy units.

Additionally, not every game will be a straight-up anihillation match. Some opponents will want to do objectives: if your entire force is supposed to be locked in close combat the entire game, how are you going to secure those objectives? Balance is always key: If you go all out with one plan, make sure that it can adjust for the unexpected, or that it is already prepared for such.

Seems pretty solid, but too straight-forward, with nothing to really surprise the enemy. Blood of the stalker will only be useful in 2/3 games: don't rely on it. Whip out Kroot-hawk totem if you can: Nothing shocks a player more than rolling a 6 for first turn, then finding out he has to re-roll it and getting a 2 >. Use power weapons and stormbolters for those hound packs, as the eviscerator will always strike at init-1 even with fast reflexes: take them out before they take you out, you'll survive a little better. Other than that, keep it up, bretheren. ;D
"I have exactly one-hundred men under my command counting on ME to lead that charge, you two-bit mechanic. I have five seige tanks, eight APC's, an artillery platform and a light mech that need resupply and repair by dusk. I need remote mines set, trenches dug, and my men fed and rested, or those Marines are going to be using us for toothpicks. Get it done, Fio'vre." Officer Sherwin Jackson, 13th Dal'yth Company, to Fio'vre D'nan

"Feed well, my Bretheren. You are what you eat, and we have devoured the mighty." Master Shaper Korl Muur
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