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Default Krootox

I was reading about the Krootox a bit more and something came up that I need decided; Is the Krootox like an animal (like a gorilla) or is it like a more basic Kroot, but still with thoughts and feelings and such.
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Default Re: Krootox

They are Kroot sub-species, but I believe I read somewhere that they are primative (so they would be more animalistic).
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Default Re: Krootox

Yes they are primitive, and a dead end in the evolution of the Krootox. Also they're Herbivores unlike all kroot creatures who are Carnivores.

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Default Re: Krootox

Kroot evolve by implementing their prey's DNA krootox are kroot who preyed on to many large grazers
by the same token kroot hound are kroot who preyed on to many pack hunting carnivores. dead ends their evolution
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