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kroot merc army questions
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Default kroot merc army questions

greetings, imma tau player that had alot of leftover kroot models that i didnt want to go to waste so my bro wanted an "alien" army so the kroot merc army fit the bill perfectly.

Even though it is nice that they have their own "codex" it still leaves me with some question that if would be so kind to help....

1) is the master shaper compulsory?

2) can ANY shaper take a totem (or two)?

3) do the shapers have a "true grit" rule? b/c its sez at the top of the armoury "can take two singled handed or one single handed and one two handed"
So if i did this for a shaper
Power Weapon, Stormbolter ~would he have his normal three attacks or four?

4) Do kroot hounds count as "kroot?" for purposes of their signature evolutionary adaptations counting for number of models and can take the upgrade?

5) if i took a master shaper w/ hounds could he join the Shaper council w/ his hounds?
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Default Re: kroot merc army questions

Yay go kroot!
Anyways on to your questions:

1.Yes, that's what the little one beside his entry means.

2.Any shaper can take any totem. You can take any totem as many times as you want except the "max on per army" ones.

3.No, shapers don't have true grit. It just means he can take two weapons but both can't be two-handed.
And FYI, true grit only works with regular bolters, so not bolt pistols etc. (except for Grey Knights and their storm bolters).

4.Last sentence before it lists the evolutionary adaptions say krootox and kroot hounds can't take any adaptions.

5.Yes, nowhere does it say he stops being an IC when he takes his hounds.
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Default Re: kroot merc army questions

thank you, you answered all my questions entirely!

now back to writing that list....

much appreciated!
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