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The Ancient Kroot
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Default The Ancient Kroot

I was just reading the Kroot article on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kroot and I read that they had hive worlds pre-Ork WAAAGHH. This then got me thinking, what were their weapons and their armour? And did they have tanks?

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Default Re: The Ancient Kroot

it said when they had hive cities they made warp ships to speard across the near by planets. and before that (if that's what your talking about) they would have spears, swords, sharp sticks, they learned with in a couple generartons about ork tech so if the orks got guns they would soon aswell.
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Default Re: The Ancient Kroot

Well here is a thing... Kroot evolve based on what they eat by absorbing the genetic matterial of their prey...

Ork DNA includes imbeded technical know how... so the kroot could develop ork related tech very quickly...
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Default Re: The Ancient Kroot

That is an interesting premise, but I wonder why then they haven't absorbed the orks reproductive spore ability. It seems that as far as survival stratagems go asexual, indiscriminate, large scale reproduction is the orks biggest asset.

After all, once you get orks on a planet you never get em off.

(I said "get em off" heh heh)
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