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Eldritch Raiders{1000 points}
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Default Eldritch Raiders{1000 points}

Pirate Leader-105
Riveblades, Conversion Field, Jokaero Digital Weapons

3 Assassin Class Ghostwarriors

Cobra Squad-183
8 Cobras, Malefactor with Witchblade

10 Serpents, 2 Fusion Pistols

10 Serpents, 2 Fusion Pistols

Dragon Squad-137
10 Dragons with True Grit, 2 Powerfist, 1 Flamer

Eldar Missle Launcher

Eldar Missle Launcher


This is the list I used earlier against some Blood Angels. Fairly effective yet the serpents didn't do much but secure me loot. We were playinh Secure and Cotrol and I had 2 Counters, He had 1 Counter and there was 2 ties. What do you think about the list? Anything comments/criticisms. My Leader killed 9 or 10 Death Company and a Chaplain, he also wounded his captain but finally fell to his thunderhammer. So once more! Comments? Criticisms?
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