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Advice on Harlequin Combat Patrol
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Old 10 Aug 2006, 03:49   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Advice on Harlequin Combat Patrol

This will be my first army list. Of course, I don't choose something basic like Marines, or even Craftworld Eldar. I go with the elite of the elite ( or obscure of the obscure) : Harlequin.

An upcoming Tournament at GW for 500 pts:

Weapons: Harlequin's Kiss, Neuro-Disruptor
Wargear: Rictus Mask (unecessary?), Dread Mask, Powerblades

10 Troupers
Standard equipment: Shuriken Pistol, CC weapon
1 with HK (replaces CC weapon)
1 with Power Weapon (" ")
1 with Plasma Pistol (replaces Shuriken)
1 with Fusion Pistol (" " )
Squad equipped with Plasma and Tanglefoot Grenades.

It's wacky, I know, but I need to see how these different weapons work, and I figure it keeps me rounded. I know I don't stand a chance, but this list makes sense, right? The Shadowseer should guarantee that I charge first and rarely get shot at until I do.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Advice on Harlequin Combat Patrol

Actually from my understanding Fluff wise the Harlequins make the perfect combat patrol. I mean, thats what they are for, Slaughtering in close combat in small groups. I think if you keep them hidden you can keep your force going without to much trouble. I mean they have a small force as well.

Sorry about reviving this topic, but I would like to see a Harlequin Combat patrol work. Might create a new challenge for me. (If my friends will let me play.)
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Default Re: Advice on Harlequin Combat Patrol

Nice combat patrol... I look forward to hearing how much pain it inflicts! ;D
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Default Re: Advice on Harlequin Combat Patrol

JoH ill do it. My Nightlords vs your Harleys...
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