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squat rules
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Old 10 Jul 2006, 02:48   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default squat rules

is there any old dudes who were around in the squat days to give me some info on them.

if anyone dosent know what squats are,they were like dwarves of the imperium

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Default Re: squat rules

No matter how many times it's repeated, it's still not enough....

The squats are dead. All dead. Eaten by tyranids, or just told to pack up and leave by GW staff, whatever your take on the fluff - as long as you accept that they are gone forever and it is an unforgivable sin to mention them at GamesDay, no matter how witty you may think it is.

If you want "info", please be specific. Since it's still illegal to post copyrighted GW material, even if it is out of use, I can't simply give you all of the old statlines for squats, so your title isn't going to be fulfilled.
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Default Re: squat rules

if you had read the rules and looked at the stickies you might have noticed something....LISTS! Good old fashioned army lists with fluff! WOW! AMAZING! Go look at them...there are lists and everything....go take a look
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Default Re: squat rules

Squats aren't dead, they just had a name change. The whole "The Tyranids ate them!" argument is weak... it's like claiming that the forces of the Eye are about to wipe out the Tau Empire, totally ignoring there's the best part of a galaxy in the way...

Anyway, rules are in the sticky. If you're talking the Squat Codex released in WD120, or thereabouts, that's still Copywrite and we can't give it out.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: squat rules

Ah yes the old days... Squats and Chaos Squats!

Little stunty guys on fast bikes with multi-meltas galore... oh I remember the hayday of GW!

They were into technology and ancesstor worship in a big way. To be honest killing them off was of the best things GW did, because the fluff was unimaginativly dull. That said if they made a return as the Demiurg with a new and better back story that would be great...
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Old 13 Jul 2006, 06:35   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: squat rules

Squats had same stats as dwarfs

They had Bikes.. like Space Marine ones.. even ones with Heavy Weapons.

They had Imperial Guard like tactical squads 1 Heavy weap one special.

They had Heavy Weapon Squads that had 5 Heavy Weapons.

They had EXO-Armour - basically Terminator Armour with a combi-bolter and power weapon.

They could have EXO armour for their officers and i tyhink they also had a unit that could have EXO armour and ride bikes.

Their bikes were low riders too.. very cool.

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Old 27 Jul 2006, 20:56   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: squat rules

They were much better in Epic - Land Trains, Colossi, Leviathans and other such goodies!

But apparently the Epic take on the army couldn't be worked into 40k (the interesting units were far too large in scale) and they plain ran out of ideas.

Until those lovely Demiurg Commerce Vessels came along - hooray for the Demiurg!

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Default Re: squat rules

I dont blame him for asking for rules i love squats
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: squat rules

I actually have a Squat army. The problem is getting them Tourney legal, so you need to find a current list that works for them. I have used Space Marines thus far as you get a Squattish statline.

I use the Scout profile for my Normal flak jacket Squats and Tactical Marine porfile for Hearthguard and such. Terminators are good for Exo-armour squats. The nice thing about the Marine list is the availability of bikes.

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