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15 question Adeptus Mechanicus Quiz
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Default 15 question Adeptus Mechanicus Quiz

This one is going to be a toughy for those of you going off the top of your head. Search your Codexes, Rogue Trader Books, etc. DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT, post questions on this topic. PM your results to me and I will announce a winner next monday. Good luck, and may the Omnissiah be with you.

1) Saul _______ was the site director in charge of exploration of the planet Angelis, in the Borsis system.

2) What are the Ordinatus powered by?

3) About how thick is a Photon Line, what are generally made from, and what do they transmit?

4) “Sucrosol” is an abbreviation for what?

5) Who wrote the “Chime of Eons?”

6) How did Kurt Manhein die?

7) How does a Cystal Battery absorb and release energy?

8) What do Electrically Motivated Fiber Bundles replicate, and what are they used upon?

9) What is an Electoo, who wears it on Terra, and what do they use it for?

10) What is an Electograph, and what does it do?

11) In which millennium did Imperial Forces find the Immolator STC?

12) What does Forge World Galatia draw upon for most of it’s energy?

13) Where is the galaxy’s biggest known supply of energy crystals?

14) In which millennium was Mars settled?

15) Name three types of Imperial control interfaces.
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Default Re: 15 question Adeptus Mechanicus Quiz

Okay guys, I know it's difficult but if someone would just give it their best shot than you'd probably win it, as of yet no-one has sent in results.

Due to rethinking that it may take some time for people to check on this, I'm going to extend this as no-one has sent in results.

Secondly. This test has some questions that are not, well, exactly original. GW borrows a lot of material from other 'verses and, I mean, cumon what type of generator would an Ordinatus have if it were Star Wars? This and number 8 I expect you to get. I specifically know that the Space Marine codex mentions that type of material in one of the background sections.
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