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The Hour of Oblivion [Eldrich Raiders 750, 1000, 1500]
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Default The Hour of Oblivion [Eldrich Raiders 750, 1000, 1500]

I have found... freedom! A list that's unrestrictive, that lets me make a proper pirate crew!

750 Point List (748 Total)
Cadre Captain w/ Shuriken Pistol, Witchblade, Powerblades, Plasma Grenades, Conversion Field, Flight Pack
- 110pts
The Pirate Prince Dra-Tuisich'Novae, ever identifiable by his brilliant colours and regal wings, often soars above a battlefied seeking prey. Among his many relics of an adventuring life is a long-barreled Kroot pistol, whose enormous blast and archaic beauty outweighs superior firepower in Novae's mind.

10 Serpents w/ Fusion Gun, Flamer
Malefactor w/ Singing Spear, Conceal
- 169pts
The dedicated cadre of warriors on whom many battles hinge, they Serpent squads are almost always led by former Warlocks, who acompanied the Prince when he deserted his Craftworld.

10 Dragons w/ Switch-Grip, Fusion Gun, Flamer, Powerfist, Brightlance
Malefactor w/ Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Destructor
- 199pts
Arrogant and skilled in the extreme, these dedicated veterans are an elite cadre within the crew of the Hour of Oblivion, carrying an assortment of weapons to battle, their emerald coaks and plumed helmets marking their stature.

5 Rangers
- 95pts
No stranger to a wayward life, Dra-Tuisich'Novae often takes on the services of various other outcasts, who provide valuble service in combat.


Fast Attack:
Vyper w/ Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
- 75pts

Vyper w/ EML, CTM
Taken from Biel-Tan, the Vypers are often damaged by reckless flying (both in combat and for the rush of daring). Axekenlil, the gunner of the missile-launcher bearing Vyper is one of the oldest friends of his commander.

Heavy Support:

1000 Point List (997 Total)
(As above, Additionally

16 Kroot Carnivores
Shaper w/ Evicerator
- 174pts
Early in their 'career' as pirates, the Hour of Oblivion happened upon a Warsphere under attack by a pack of Ork pirates. Engaged, they suceeded in destroying the pirate vessel, but both vessels were irreprably damaged. In a last-resort repair, a ring of the Warsphere was fused into the hull of the Hour, closing the terrible hull breaches in the Eldar vessel and saving many of the Kroot from their crude ship's end as a debris field. Since then, the Kroot have offered invaluble service to the Eldar.

Fast Attack:
Vyper w/ Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
- 75pts
Slowly, the interior of the Hour of Oblivion was refitted, and a small manufacturing bay was added; it's first task was to replicate one of the Vypers, which noone save it's pilot thought was salvagable - he proved all wrong, and the pair have flown through corridors and canyons ever since.

1500 Point List (1498 Total)
(As above, Additionally

5 Cobras w/ Powerblades, Plasma & Haywire Grenades
Malefactor w/ Shuriken Pistol, CCW, Powerblades, Plasma & Haywire Grenades
- 196pts
Terrible to behold, these creatures are the result of horrendous errors meddling in the art of Wraithsining. Deformed beyond recognition into Wraithbone-infused fiends, they throw themselves screaming into battle, hurling makeshift grenades and splinters of their own regenerating psycho-plastic bodies at their foes.

3 Executioner Ghostwalkers
- 120pts
The Ghostwalkers which serve aboard the Hour seldom leave its engine and reactor rooms; heavily moddified with drills and torches, they are instrumental in keeping the vessel running. In dire need, though, they join the other warriors in battle, their tools of maintainance turned weapons of destruction.

Fast Attack:
Vyper w/ EML, CTM

Heavy Support:
Venom w/ Shuriken Cannon, Holofield
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Default Re: [Eldrich Raiders 1000] The Hour of Oblivion

Nice list, though I would suggest a slight tweak:

Put the Fusion Guns and Flamers in the same squad. Fusion Guns are for tanks/heavy infantry, Flamers are for light infantry. The two don't really mix well.

Other than that, nice list.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: [Eldrich Raiders 1000] The Hour of Oblivion

Thanks !

My issue with like weapons in like squads is that it renders some squads useless against certain targets - I preffer to have some security against all target types in all squads, rather that specialists that can be messed over quite easily.

Another question:
- Conversion Fields; more benefits than Iron Halos, without the drawback (Relic-item)... up to 25/30 points?
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