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1000 pts Harlequin List Anti Heavy
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1000 pts Harlequin List Anti Heavy

Great Harlequin
-Masque of the Red Death, Riveblades, D-Field, Haywire Grenades, Neurodisruptor, Fusion Pistol, Flightbelt

Death Jesters (3x)
-Brightlance (2x), Firepike

Death Jester

Harlequin Troupe (6x)
-Power Weapon (2x), Haywire Grenades (5x)
Troupe Leader
-Neurodisruptor, Haywire Grenade

Harlequin Troupe (6x)
-Power Weapon (2x), Haywire Grenades (5x)
Troupe Leader
-Neurodisruptor, Haywire Grenade

(Heavy Support)
-Fusion gun, Holofield

-Fusion gun, Holofield

My thoughts:
Again i didn't feel the Solitaire was necessary, : Crazy isn't it? The Great Harlequin would be with the Harlequin Troupes in the Venom, and also the One Death Jesture with the Firepike would be with a group of Harlequins. They would run in on the Venoms and charge any heavy possiby tanks, maybe Termies. I really don't know lol. The Venoms with the Fusion guns would help alot, and also being backed up by 4 more Death Jesters and Their Brightlances.

Again I thought this more to be the Anti Heavy Armor Army and Anti Tanks with the Big numbers of Death Jesters. Oh well, this was another thought on a 12 hour plane flight.
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