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The Bomb Squad
Closed Thread
Old 11 Apr 2006, 21:43   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default The Bomb Squad

Has anyone else gotten the idea of making a 40k army based on arab terrorist factions and freedom fighters? I know most of you on the forum are americans so I'm probably gonna get flamed and karma-ed for this, but that the heck...

Actualy I saw the rules for 'official' arabs, but it just not hapy with them. A lot of producers make taliban, iraquis, palestinians, etc in warhammer scale, but would the actual army fit in the 40k background? I know it would be fun to explode in a smace marine's face (die, foul oppressor!), but how would it fit in the 40k background and 'standard' tallarn rules?
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Default Re: The Bomb Squad

I wouldn't imagine that you would need a whole new army for this - Imperial Guard would do fine (perhaps using Tallarn models or something).

I also don't think that suicide tactics would be too out of place in the 40k universe as. The Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy use propeganda and brainwashing to get subjects to do their bidding, so I could feasibly see them encouraging suicide bombings as well. As for rules, you could just go for special weapons squads with demolition charges (although not suicidfurther e weapons per-say, they are short ranged, devastating blasts that could easily scatter back on the unit that fired them). Or you could go a step and invent your own rules, whatever.
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Default Re: The Bomb Squad

I doubt that the majority of TO is American...

Guard would actually be your best bet - decently equiped, but not superbly... Priests and Commisars both have analoges in Middle Eastern gurrila and terrorist factions, and as for martyrs... Special Weapons squads with Demolition Charges.
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Default Re: The Bomb Squad

I think this topic is showing a rather worrying lack of sensitivity towards recent history, and modern events...

As it is likely to cause offence and/or flaming, topic has been locked.
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