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Harlequin must haves.
Closed Thread
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Default Harlequin must haves.

Just a Question.

What, in your opinion are a must have for a harlequin army.

format your posts like this:



Additional Goodies:

Originally Posted by Aloh´Ta
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Default Re: Harlequin must haves.

A squad of 6 harlequins with power-blades/kisses led by a shadow-seer w/ some wargear and all mounted in a venom. An escort of jet-bikes is a good idea to.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Harlequin must haves.

-D-Fields are awesome.
-Dread Masks are very fun.

-Death Jesters with Bright Lances.
-Venoms mounted Trouper units (obviously).

Additional Goodies:
-Making them legal :.

-Taking out scary shooting-death threats way before mounting a Venom assault.
-Using cover to your best advantage, to hide the Venoms.
-Scaring the living s*** out of people with a Solitaire >.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Harlequin must haves.

Add ons:

-Neuro Disruptors

-Spirit Walkers

Additional Goodies:
-Multicolored paintscheme

-Pop in the Mimes under some full covor in the middle of table to Negate the attacks on your Death Jestures.
-Pop in the Mimes next to tanks and Neuro Disrupt them.
-Solitaires attack first turn with riveblades. = 12 Power attacks.

I love harlequins.
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Default Re: Harlequin must haves.

D-Fields are compulsory. All Characters should have them.

Personally, I like nice, big, 10-man Troupes, with 6-man Mimes as harrassment (though mainly for their Disruption Table).

Master Mimes are excellent kamikaze units, best used to assassinate a troublesome individual, or hack apart an irritating Devastator Squad.

I love the Solitaire. He rocks, especially when he gets 11 Riveblade attacks on the charge.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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