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Default watchers

in the SM codech in the big picture of marneus calegar is the one of the watchers (they're the guys that carry the lion helm for the DA) holding his wrist mounted stombolter?
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Default Re: watchers

I believe that the Watchers are specific to the Dark Angels - I'd guess that Calgar just agrees with me that Servitors are too ugly to look at without being covered with robes.
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Default Re: watchers

Is that all they are? Servitors? I saw one as Azrael's helmet bearer.
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Default Re: watchers

You misundersand me - Watchers in the Dark are certainly not Servitors (darned if I know what they ARE, though)... but the thing in the 4th Ed. Marines 'dex is certainly no watcher.
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Default Re: watchers

The whole "Robed" thing is pretty common for Imperial lackeys...

...the Watchers wear Robes as well, but no explanation as to why is given.
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Default Re: watchers

Possibly like the ringwraiths of LotR there aint that much under the robes. Could you imagine Azreal searching endlessly around the DA fortress monestary for the watcher because it hadn't donned it's robes?

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