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Kroot Updates?
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Default Kroot Updates?

The new Tau codex is coming out (except for those lucky enough to live down under and already have it) and I was wonderind Will the Kroot Mercenary list change to reflect that?
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Default Re: Kroot Updates?

No. The kroot remain pretty much the same, aside from a few profile tweaks, which are only there because they now function together as a single squad with the hounds and oxen as upgrades rather than attached units (and to fit in with the 4th ed rules) - that is, for their inclusion in the Tau Empires codex.

For the Kroot Merc list, there isn't really much to be updated, aside from the points cost of the Krootox (which might actually unbalance the Kroot Merc list), and possibly the removal of some rules like eaters of the dead etc to match the Tau Empires codex, though that's mostly unnecessary. The list doesn't really need tweaking to fit in with the 4th ed rules. The kroot mercs after all, function independently/seperately to the Tau Empire..
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