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Kroot army
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Default Kroot army

I'm a bit new to all of this stuff really but here goes...

I'm really interested in starting a Kroot army, with various borrowed technology from from other races - primarily the Tau due to their obvious association with them.

I sort of want to create a force bases very loosely on a Tau force layout, in that I would have crisis suit weapons and maybe Commander Shaddowsun weapons on the backs of Knarlocs and Broadside and hammerhead weapons on great Knarlocs. Or maybe flame throwers? or other big guns from maybe marines?

Just a couple of questions though.

Due to the Kroot being an 'illegal' army, are there any restrictions on what type of weapons they can carry?

This might seam like an odd question - if it's an illegal army then surely they can carry anything? (well, with in reason or course and within fluff rules - certain armies are more allied to them than others etc.) But, due to their carnivorous inclinations, and tech borrowing traditions, couldn't they take on ANY technology from any race providing they have fought them of course.


The layout of a Kroot army seams very unclear to me, I've looked at a couple of Kroot codecies I found on the interweb, but can't really workout a couple of things.

How many HQ can I have? Is there a limit in relation to troop choices? certain number of HQ per points or something similar?


I read somewhere that Anghkor Prok died so he cannot be used in 40k. Or something like that. Surely I can use him no?

But can he only be used in a purely Kroot army? Might sound like a silly question but anyway!...

Thanks for reading!
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