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Trading Board Rules [updated 5th June '10]
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Default Trading Board Rules [updated 5th June '10]

Hi everyone. These are adapted from the original set that Alciabites originally posted with the formation of this board, so basically a rendition with a few new things thrown in. So, letís all get started and have fun!

Legal Disclaimer

This trading board is meant for individuals to individually contact each other and nothing more. Anything that results from interacting here is solely between you (the user) and other users that you interact with or trade with privately.

Any material posted or offered for sale/trade that is illegal will be subject to mod removal and further penalties levied against your account.

By using this board, you agree that everything you do is solely between you and those who are interested in trading with you and that you hold harmless TauOnline.org for any damages or losses caused.

You must be over or exactly the age of 18 to use this board (or 13 with parental consent).

Rules of Trading

Do Not Post Contact Information
Any specific contact information posted on the public boards will be deleted on site. You are encouraged to trade delivery address info via the personal messaging system. This is to protect your privacy and security as posting sensitive information on the internet can be very dangerous indeed!

Do Not Scam People
Although Tau Online cannot particularly do anything legal against you, we have the power to ban you, and the poster whom you scammed can take legal actions against you on their own accord and Tau Online will assist in anyway possible with legal proceedings.

Just as a note to everyone, if you think something is fishy you can always look up the Succesful Trades topic to see if they have had any good trades with the member your looking to trade with.

In the end, if you're still questioning the member, if you send FT a personal message I'd look into the matter and give you my opinion.

Make It Clear Where Your Willing to Ship To and From -

This is important that you make it clear from your topic where your willing to send your trade item(s) to. If your just wanting to trade with someone in the UK, for example, then please put that in your topic and make it clear that this is so.

To add a couple of other small things.

For advertising your topic, all of the same rules apply from the normal forum rules (i.e. advertise in your signature or contact FT to advertise elsewhere).

The forum rules still apply as per spelling and grammar so please take a moment to spell check your post!

What you may Trade

The matter of what you may trade is quite simple. You must ask yourself
1) Is it illegal
2) Will it be complicated to ship it

If something is illegal, the topic with it will immediately be deleted and the user smote and/or banned. If something is complicated to ship, the end decision to trade it is yours, but that is a definite factor in the choosing. And if something is very likely to break on the journey there, I'd suggest you not offer it up for trade (or at least make it known to those receiving it beforehand!).

Although we aim to provide this board to trade models on, we will not discourage you from trading other items other then models (barring it isn't illegal or on the list of prohibited items below ).

Prohibited Items
The following items are not to be traded (for various reasons):
  • Game accounts (for World of Warcraft, Halo etc).

This list may be updated from time to time as per recent trends that may come up.

Cash Trades
Although we encourage trades of models (or similiar items), we know this may not always be practical. We will therefore allow you to sell your models with one caveat: you send cash via Paypal.

The reasons for this are that with paypal, there is some protection against traders who fail to ship!

However, there is a final little caveat: if you are believed to be using our forum to operate a business out of the trading board without prior approval by the admins, your account may be penalised.
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