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In (moderately) desperate need of: dark elves (oh, and dark eldar too)
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Default In (moderately) desperate need of: dark elves (oh, and dark eldar too)

I'm having some trouble finding a few certain models.

I'm looking for a Malekith, but I don't want the dragon, because frankly, it looks... crappy.
And the beastmasters that came with the 'old' hydra, those are hard to find.
And the beastmaster on the manticore, tough one too. I'm not sure if I want the manticore or not though...

What do I have?
Some tau fire warriors, crisis suits, devilfish
Some eldar guardians, jetbikes
Some MTG-cards, from every set, ask away, and I'll check if I have them.
Some money
And gold, gems, and the souls of baby seals.

Thanks in advance, anyone.


Oh and also, I'm in need of some Dark eldar parts, such as pieces of Raiders, Ravagers, Talos.

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