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Have Fantasy Dwarfs Want Dark Elves or Dark Angels (Australia Only)
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Default Have Fantasy Dwarfs Want Dark Elves or Dark Angels (Australia Only)

Hi I have a rather large dwarf collection which I no longer use it was kinda my first army, I ended up collecting a lot but now I wish to get rid of it in exchange for dark angel bikes and tanks or anything dark elf. Will also take cash. If no one on here wants them then will probably end up listing them on ebay. Listed below is what I have in the way of dwarfs.

Several boxes of warriors in various stages of painting (some with great weapons some with shields and weapons) Would guess around 60+ models

20 Crossbowmen (some painted, two units of 10)

18 Hammerers all painted

15 Rangers all painted

One cannon with crew

One Stone Thrower with crew

One Bolt Thrower with crew

Thorek with Anvil of Doom and Assistant and furnace (Partly Painted)

King Alric (Painted)

Have Been Sold This topic can be locked
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