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Selling Eldar army (specific units, combinations of units or whole thing :-P)
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Old 11 Oct 2006, 19:54   #1 (permalink)
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Default Selling Eldar army (specific units, combinations of units or whole thing :-P)

Hey all,
I'm selling off my very old Eldar army which hasn't been used in ages :P Firstly I'd like to point out that I'm not really looking for a trade here, I'd prefer to sell things. Also, due to unexpected shipping costs and custom forms needed, I won't be shipping/selling to outside of the EU. Secondly this army has been in a box for a while and taken out a bit for use, then put back in the box (and repeat many times!), and so it's not all in great condition. Everything's in good condition apart from the following. Please note apart from this the army is in great condition and is a bargain, so read on after the list!

This item has now been sold via E-Bay.
  • One of the striking scorpions is missing his chainsword arm
  • Two of my (custom-built) storm guardians have broken guns
  • 5 jetbikes and all shining spears were glued onto anti-grav platforms, but then they snapped off. Meaning the top of the anti-grav platform is stuck in these model's holes (so you can't put them back onto anti-grav platforms without filing/drilling away the broken off material).
  • The exarch of the shining spear doesn't have his spear..
  • As this was my first army, most painted models are painted to a bad quality, and some are positioned weirdly and have trouble standing up (this applies to a minority of them - the pics afterwards should show which ones)

That's the only problems with some of these models, and as you can see they aren't major problems. You can always order missing arms/guns from GW. The Eldar army itself is fairly large (over 3,000 points). I'm willing to sell individual units (although not split up into individual models), although I'd prefer it if you combined multiple units when buying (if possible - i.e. if you're buying multiple things). Below is the list of what I'm selling:

5 Warlocks

10 Wraithguard
9 fire dragons
9 Striking Scorpions

9 Rangers
9 Rangers
20 Guardian Storm squad (custom-built at a time when GW didn't do these as a plastic kit.)
8 Dire Avengers
16 Guardians
16 Guardians

Fast Attack
10 Jetbikes
4 shining spears
3 Vypers

Heavy Support
Fire Prism
2 support weapon batteries (with 2 guardians on each - i.e. standard)

Wave Serpent

1 Eldar codex (bad condition, but readable!)

I have 2 gun guardians (to go on the support weapon battery), but with no weapon battery :P So in essence I have 2 of the gun guardians!
Below are the pictures of the army. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Please PM me or e-mail me

I've tried to be as honest as possible with the condition of things and all enlarged pictures (click the pictures) are as big as possible so that you can see the detail on everything. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me above. Payment details/info is:
  • Will only ship to EU countries
  • Would prefer payment via PayPal, although this can be discussed
  • Buyer pays postage costs. Postage cost will be agreed with buyer before payment/shipping any items
  • Payment will be received/cleared before bought items are shipped off
  • I'm not setting prices on how much I'd sell these items for, so PM me with any offers/questions

Thanks all,
Tau Online
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Old 23 Oct 2006, 19:13   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Selling Eldar army (specific units, combinations of units or whole thing :-P)

Just to answer the question PMed to me about this, I'd probably be selling items at 40-55% of their original cost (so, for the 10 wraithguard worth 80 new, I'd sell them for between 32-44).

I'd also consider selling the entire Eldar army for nothing less than 150.
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Old 13 Nov 2006, 14:01   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Selling Eldar army (specific units, combinations of units or whole thing :-P)

Selling this on E-bay now due to lack of.. sale :P


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