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Dark Angels Army Up For Grabs
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Arrow Dark Angels Army Up For Grabs

Hello everyone my friend is selling his Dark Angel army on ebay for $250.
The army is in great condition for anyone who's looking to get a additional dark angel army to your already impressive Tau army!

-This army includes-
Sammael on corvex bike.
Company master
Librarian on bike(custom)
Command Squad- champion, 3 veterans, apothecary(custom)
RW Command Squad- champion, apothecary, 1 black knight w/ banner

Tactical Squad- 1 sergeant(plasma pistol,power fist), 15 marines(2 plasma cannons, 2 plasma guns)
Scout Squad- 1 sergeant(sniper), 4 scouts(3 snipers, 1 heavy bolter)

2 DW Terminator Squads(multiple weapons)
Dreadnought- completely custom and too badass to explain.

Hovering Rhino(custom)
Hovering Razorback(custom)- TL heavy bolter

RW Attack Squad- 3 sergeants, 7 bikers(3 plasma guns)
Land speeder- assault cannon(has custom base but the tip broke off inside the speeder but I'll still send it)
RW Darkshroud/Landspeeder Vengeance- assault cannon, plasma storm battery(looks like Darkshroud but has the storm battery on top)
Nephilim Jetfighter


Most of the army is unpainted but the ones that are were well done, it will also include bits.

So for anyone interested heres the Ebay link!

Happy wargaming everyone!
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