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Index Astartes - The Warp Hunters
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Default Index Astartes - The Warp Hunters

Index Astartes – The Warp Chasers
Go Forth and Earn Redemption


Above Left – Tactical Marine. Above Right- Tactical Sergeant

The colour of the armour is derived from a bone enamel. Made from melting the upper cranium of each kill that an individual marine makes. This enamel is then painted onto their armour, as the marine coats his armour in this tough gloss, he will progress through the chapters ranks as the more suits of armour he will coat. Whilst this practice is a crude ritual, it certainly works as an effective way of gauging the skill of Space Marine

Chapter Symbol - Unknown… non shown.

Notable Deviances
Each Company led by a Librarian
Contingents of the 'Immortals' are attached to every action.

The geneseed is sourced directly from their parent chapter ‘The Ultramarines’. Whilst the ‘Warp Hunters’ are completely opposite to the ultramarines in just about every possible variation, before being made renegade they were very strong partners with the 5th and 4th companies. The Chapter Master of the Ultramarines (Marneus Calgar) even shared blood and salt with the Grand Master of the Warp Hunters.

With the onset of Hive Fleet Icharus, the Warp Hunters were called to fight and die on behalf of the Imperium. However, when Grand Master Soron denied the petition, the ‘Most Holy Inquisition’ struck them from the role of honour and declared the Warp hunters ‘Excommunicates Traitorous’ With all ties to the Imperium severed. Grand Master Soron led the Warp hunters into the heart of the enemy, hunting down and killing anything that moved against mankind in the hope that one day they might be redeemed.

Home World – Mannstien
The world of Mannstien is a massive jungle world. With over 90% of its ground covered by tropical rainforest indigenous tribes men need to hardy to survive the perils of the woodland. Great beasts stalk the land, preying on anything that moves. With monsters of one side and poisonous plants on the other, mankind needed to adapt quickly in order to survive the green hell hole.

The Warp hunters make their home in the largest clearing on the planet. A massive clearing kilometres round holds their fortress monastery, from here the Space Marines offer assistance to friendly tribes while training their new initiates in the darkest shadows where the legendary Kats live. By offering assistance and maintaining healthy relations with the tribes of Mannstien, the Warp hunters have secured a steady flow of novice initiates. Even after being made renegade.

The 10th company maintains the role of ‘Scout company’, after completing their training on Mannstien, the novice initiates are dispatched to the 8 crusading companies where they will learn the art of warfare from the brothers that fight alongside them. One crucial difference of the Warp Hunters in comparison to the parent Chapter is of the 1st company. Where in many normal chapters the 1st would be a veterans company, the 1st for the Warp hunters is simply another crusading company. All marines each individually seek his position amongst ‘The Immortals’. Once their position is secured, every Immortal will remain with his company, acting as the hammer in the company, often the Immortals will see the most bloody fighting, but through their faith and armour, they will walk out of it victorious. The title ‘Immortal’ is derived from the idea that these most hardened veterans will never die. Once a Marine is elevated to the status of an Immortal, his record is struck off the role call and technically he is listed as killed in action. However, he will take the place of a fallen brother in the Immortals, with the secrecy of names and titles removed, the immortals become like eternal spirits. Fighting for redemption and never dying.

Grand Master Soron

Shown with his wargear from the 'Weerstruck Campaign'
Grand Master Soron was the first chapter master to serve the Warp hunters after their being made renegade. He personally served on the Honour Guard of the previous Grand Master on the proclamation of their judgement. Grandmaster Verdan (Previous grandmaster) mysteriously died in the next engagement and Soron was elected by the Council of the Immortals to take his place. Since his election, Soron has driven Hive Fleet Icharus from their home world. Through this act, he reforged the trust of the people of Mannstien and secured a steady base of recruitment.

The Immortals
On a marines induction to the Immortals, they will be asked to gaze on the Warp completely unfiltered. Normally this would drive a marine insane. However with the strengthened minds of the immortals, they should be able to gaze upon the warp for a maximum of 5 seconds. During this time, it is thought that the marine will learn secrets held back by the imperium and with this knowledge, they may reach their true potential. If an aspirant survives the ordeal and is inducted into the ranks of the immortals, they will be sent to train with the 8th company. Their captain is the only marine to be inducted into the immortals and to walk away from the prestigious position. Here Captain Desmond will teach them how to act like a spectre. Moving on the battle field as if they were a free spirit.

The Purge of Helix 8
Captain Solomon led the 6th crusading company into the Maelstrom on a do or die crusade. Borrowing elements from the 3rd and 1st companies, Solomon was leading 150 marines. 1 year into the crusade and the Warp Hunters had picked up the trail of a large Chaos fleet bound for the Gates of Varl. Intercepting it at the Helix sector, Solomon chased the fleet to the twin planets of Helix 8 and 9 where he systematically destroyed the system. With the enemy making planet fall on Helix 8, Solomon set out with a strike force of 100 marines all mounted in drop pods. Solomon and the 30 immortals led the charge, landing in the heart of the enemy and killing them off before they had the chance to gain a foothold.

To date, Solomon still leads the Crusade in the Maelstrom and meets with success everytime.
With 20 years left of the crusade, it is still unsure whether Solomon will return to the chapter alive. But what is certain is that a great many enemies of the emperor have been slain and if the crusaders do return, they will be some of the most experienced marines in the entire chapter.

Venerated Brother Dante
Brother Dante is the only usable Dreadnaught in the ‘Warp Hunters’ Armoury. With many of the sarcophagi have fallen into disrepair and without the resources to maintain them, the tech priests have had to leave them un-used. However, one Dreadnaught does still work. This suit belongs to Dante, the third Grandmaster to fight for the Warp hunters, having been interred in his eternal tome before the fall, Dante is still unaware of many of the changes that the Chapter has undergone. Dante is one of the most respected marines in the chapter, and often when he speaks, even Grandmaster Soron will listen.

His guidance has secured victory on many battle fields, including the scourge of Paris and the invasion of Patton 5. In each combat Dante supported the forward spear thrust with Hurricane bolter and Seismic hammer swinging.

Dante can be represented as either an Ironclad Dreadnaught or a Venerable Dreadnaught.
The Making of a ‘Warp Hunter’
The process of becoming a Space marine is well documented. However each chapter has its own initiation rites. The Warp Hunters utilise every aspect that they can on Mannstien, including the legendary Kats, giant feline monsters that stalk the deepest parts of the jungles.

An aspirant first must survive the journey to the fortress monastery. As the aspirants journey to the Space marines, they are encouraged to practice and hone their skills at any chance. On arrival however, they will be stripped of any possessions they have carried with them. After spending another week in the jungle, the remaining aspirants will be accepted into the fortress. On this one day they will live like a Space Marine. This day serves as way of forewarning the aspirants of what they are about to commit to. After this day, they aspirants will be given a small flint stone, a large strip of rope and a small sheet of adamantium. After this, the aspirants will be escorted in ‘The Black Wood’ the deepest part of the jungle on Mannstien. The aspirants will then be asked to kill on of the massive kats. If this is successful, they will claim the rib cage, this will form the first part of their suit of armour on their road to becoming a Warp Hunter. The rib cage will form a solid wall of bone around the now novice marines chest, protecting his developing organs. This bone base layer will then be built on by the layers of bone enamel made by every skull of their kills. By starting this ritual, not only will they craft their own armour, but they will be inducted into the chapter properly. On completion on their armour, a novice marine will be elevated to the rank of initiate, where they will receive all the gifts of a Space Marine and be given their first suit of power armour. Once the Space marine is elevated to this level, they are encouraged to return to the jungle and kill of the larger beasts which stalk the feet of the mountains, if they meet with success, they are instructed to return with the spine of the beast. If this is large enough, the spine will be stored for their elevation to the rank of sergeant, this bone will form the base of their Power Weapon. However, if it is not, it will form the core for each bolter shell they produce. The spine of a gryphon hawk is renowned for its explosive properties

Here you can see the position of the Warp hunters Home Planet in regard to the rest of the Imperium. Also see the movements of Captain Solomon on his Crusade through the Maelstrom

Chapter Organisation
Within the warp hunters there are different ranks of Space Marine. Obviously the Grand Master is the ultimate authority and below him are the captains. After Captains come the veteran sergeants, however unlike their parent Chapter, the sergeants promote one of their fellow squad members to ‘deputy’ These space marines are the sergeants in training, grizzled veterans who have fought many wars, trained under the guidance of the sergeant and often given command of half the squad when circumstances determine that the squad must be split.

As has already been said, the first company is simply a crusading company. There is no standing veteran company within the Warp Hunters; however the most tested veterans, the immortals, are shared out amongst each crusading company depending on the necessary needs. The 7th company is where the Space Marines are trained to attack like the wind. With the chapter not having the ability to maintain a usable number of jump packs, the Warp Hunters employ the use of motorbikes a lot more. Cheaper to maintain and can take more damage, these steeds carry the space marines with the heavy weapons of the company to war providing a stable fire base which is mobile enough to keep up with the advance of an assaulting company or even to go head to head with a hostile armoured column. Following their training in the 9th company where they will train in being the hammer of the company, manning the heavy weapons that will clear the path for the back bone, the tactical marines to clean up. Once their training is complete, they will be transferred to the 7th company where they will learn to become like the wind and bring the Emperor’s righteous vengeance to those who stand against them, excommunicate or not.

The Council of the Five
Before every field of battle, five members of the chapter will meet to council each other on the war to come. Each member of the party will represent each rank of Warp Hunter. The Chapter master will meet with 1 captain, one venerable brother in dreadnaught armour, one member of the immortals, one newly initiated aspirant and one tactical marine. These councils will represent the best interests of the chapter and will insure that the following course of action will help the whole chapter completely.
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