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The Crushing Wall Tactica for Black Templar
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Default The Crushing Wall Tactica for Black Templar

I have been reading several tactica on the space marines posted by the ever knowledgable vash113, but I found that I needed a tad more killing power while still protecting marines through the charge.

To use this tactica you will take 2-3 rhinos with ten man initiate squads with flamer and powerfist on one flank. Two to three squads of five assault marines will hide behind your tanks and advance with the rhinos. For added success in taking out your opponents anti-tank you should have three vindicators on the opposite flank slowly advancing and laying down blast templates.

This tactic is especially effective on stationary foes or those who are seeking to countercharge you. Mobile foes and those with ordinace will slaughter you. Keeping this in mind set up your rhinos on the side of your target, groups of infantry are ideal, and proceed to advance everything 12 and six inches and pop smoke with the rhinos.

You will now face whatever the enemy has to offer in terms of ranged firepower. Your assault troops are safely hidden and the rhinos should keep your infantry secure. If any rhinos fall simply deploy out of the back ramp and close off the gap with your next advance. As your space marines you should be durable enough to survive this with almost zero casualties while your vindicators are wreaking havok on the enemy lines and if you have any luck they will also be drawing enemy fire with their 13 frontal armour.

When you finally reach your target it's time for a little fun. Advance your assault troops ahead of the rhinos and attack your foe tying up the enemy fire power. Next turn you can charge with the rest of your troops and tank shock with the now empty rhinos which can also be used to hide your troops from enemy fire from a second line of troops. This advance has in my experience been nigh unstoppable and you should now be in an excellent position to continue your advance. Be sure to employ flamers before your advance to ensure that not a single foe of our emperor remains alive.

If for some reason you need more killing power you can add a teleport homer to your marshal (who should always be included with your troops) and drop in terminators in with the rest of your troops. Note: This is usually overkill, but if your facing an especially intimidating foe and you have the points then why not?

I hope that this tactic will help you bring swift death to your foe and I'm sure you can add your own touch to this and feel free to post it along with any recommendations for format as this is my first tactica I've posted, thanks. ;D

Black Templars: 41-5-8 W/L/D
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Tau: 7-3-2

Battle is a Symphony. Every soldier an instrument, Every footstep a note, Every shot a resounding bass, Every clash of swords a sweeping solo. The autarch, the general and the conductor must hear the central harmony. Know when to keep the rhythm, Know when to change key, Know when to bait and lure, Know when to explode with sheer power, Know every aspect of his work till it's creschendo builds to that inexorable and explosive climax that leaves the enemy bloody, broken and shattered. A true master creates a new melody every time and rarely falls back on old tunes.

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