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Codex Space Marines: In Depth Review
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Default Re: Codex Space Marines: In Depth Review

Originally Posted by Vash113
Oh well just gotta deal with it and wait for the next codex and hope somebody does that better. You'd think someone would have said "wait a minute if we do that lots of peoples armies will no longer be legal" but such is life.
Well if you took GW's commentry of we are in it to make and sell models, then for them having lots of people who now have too change there army (i.e. models) to fit a new army list, fufills GW's mission statement... "Oh look now they have to buy more new models"...

But thats MY opinion on why the new stuff seems to be so..... <insert your own comment>

Unfortunately other than to build your own house rules, which seems to be becomming more prevelant, all you can do is hope that a) either they fix it (I am not holding my breath) or b) hope that the next Ed roles around fast!
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Default Re: Codex Space Marines: In Depth Review

I feel really let down too by the new codex too... i just spent a small fortune getting models and now i find out that they changed the codex (my bad i know :P )... to be quite honest it kinda takes my wanting to play the game away a bit... especially the fact that they removed the traits part which i saw as a great way to define your home made chapter :'(
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