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Blood Ravens: A Comprehensive History
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Default Re: Blood Ravens: A Comprehensive History

hmmmmmm my only guess is that theres a different system for that particular rule in the USA. Slave, I believe that quote is wrong, as its effectively reclarifying the equation. In England, as far as I am aware, the BIDMAS rule is accepted as normal, so the 3 and 2 would be added before you think of taking anything from 10. Either way, this is veering from Blood Ravens. ;D

As for your question regarding Magnus, yes, there is a LOT of information, hints and sources that heavily suggest that the Blood Ravens are something amounting to a loyalist splinter group of Thousand Sons, who left seemingly during the Heresy; perhaps safely due to being posted elsewhere at the time of the rubic being cast. As Vash mentioned, in the third book Ahriman talks about having connections etc to the Blood Ravens. Also in the books is the fortress on Rahe's Paradise. The eldar remember working alongside Astartes in red power armour before the heresy to seal away the necrons and build the outpost. There are only 2 pre-heresy red armour chapters - Blood Angels and Thousand Sons. Since it could never be the former, due to their beliefs, and the THousand Sons have high pyskers etc, it is likely that these were the Thousand Sons. Since this is a Blood Ravens outpost, the two are practically one and the same. Red power armour is also discovered inside the outpost at one point behind a console, but before the characters can examine it, they have to pull back out.

Originally Posted by Vash113
The Necron Killer
Ahriman of the Thousand Sons and his Prodigal Sons had gotten to the world first. Helping Rhamah, Ahriman hinted at a possible connection between the Blood Ravens and the Thousand Sons, even revealing a text bearing the Blood Ravens symbol in the library on the dead Eldar world.
This has been endorsed by the author of the books. There is a very interesting thread on the Black Library forums, detailing all of the available information regarding the connection between the 1k Sons and Blood Ravens. http://forum.blacklibrary.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8869 That should tell you everything you want to know. Hope it helps.
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Default Re: Blood Ravens: A Comprehensive History

Originally Posted by Spockd
hmm, interesting. Well done on the whole for summing this up, but there is some wrong stuff in this. For example, Davian Thule isn't dead, he survives, he's in Dawn of War 2. Following the Dark Crusade, he was made Commander of the Blood Ravens forces in Sub-Sector Aurelia and charged with protecting the Blood Raven recruiting worlds of Calderis and Typhon - in Dawn of War 2, these are attacked by tyranids, and he almost gets killed by a (rumoured by Relic) Lictor, and is stuck in a dreadnought. This all seems to suggest Blood Ravens win Dark Crusade (especially as it was named that by the Blood Ravens, and all other armies with perhaps the exception of Imperial Guard just know it as Kronus, not a specific campaign) but we already assumed that anyway. Also, he's Brother-Captain of 3rd Company, NOT 5th, suggesting that in the time between Lorn V and Dark Crusade, Angelos has been made chapter master, or similar, which also explains why tempest continued the lorn V story, not the dark crusade. apart from that, this is pretty good. thanks ^^
According to Dark Crusade Davian Thule is Captain of the 5th Company, whether he's changed Companies since then I don't know. Dawn of War 2 isn't out yet so isn't included in this article and as of now the results of the game are not known or certain and I'm not going to change the article on preview tidbits to come out of DoW2, it would be premature at best, counter productive at worst. The article isn't wrong, it will just need added to and revised once DoW2 is released. As I said it's not worth changing anything on rumours and leaked tid bits, till I have the game and have played it and beaten it and seen how everything works out I'll withhold revising the article.

Also as for the connection to the Thousand Sons that is merely rumour. Technically the ONLY canon material on the Blood Ravens is the Index Astartes article. The books and games make up the bulk of the material but it is of course full of discrepancies. The first book and game point to a link to the Alpha Legion and there are other theories that abound and are supported by various members of GW. One being that the Blood Ravens are one of the missing Legions or a chapter formed by a unique combination of gene-seed by the Inquisition and the records of that founding were then subsequently erased. There are a lot of various theories that the various material on the Blood Ravens hints at and suggests but which one is right is not known and I doubt GW or BL will every clarify the issue.

Interrestingly enough Gabriel Angelos is the Chapter Master in one version of the IA but not in another.

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Default Re: Blood Ravens: A Comprehensive History

Cool, I am so glad that I found this page. I have wanted to make a BR army since playing DoW and after buying the BoBR box set, I will now turn them all into Blood Ravens, and make use of my sexy new printer and new found love of blank transfer paper...haahahah >

oh on a side note. Subtraction and addition works left to right, there is no fancy 'tricks' or explanations involved: which ever comes first is dealt with first.


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Default Re: Blood Ravens: A Comprehensive History

i have just started space marines army and planning on painting them blood ravens

hope we find out
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Default Re: Blood Ravens: A Comprehensive History

This is thread necromancy, I'm afraid. Without anything major to add to an older thread, about 2-3 months old without new posts, it's better to make a new thread or look for something more recent on the subject. The forums should warn you when you're posting in a thread over 60 days old without fresh posts.
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