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Greetings from Craftworld Mortus
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Default Greetings from Craftworld Mortus

Hi. I am a new player to collecting 40k, but i have played a few battles with friends minitures. Now that i have a job and the local gaming store is much closer i am starting an eldar force.

I have read alot of things and eldar was the most interesting. I know they can become very cheesey but i am one who enjoys balance and making a challenge for myself and for the other player/s.

ill i have right now is a farseer and 16 guardians ( pathetic but a start) in about a week i am considering the battle force. i will be needing all the units except the jetbikes ( i have been reading lots of their bad rep) i am buying it also because it is cheaper than buying them seperatly ( about $35 dollars cheaper and that means another viper!)
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Default Re: Greetings from Craftworld Mortus

Welcome Have fun here!
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Default Re: Greetings from Craftworld Mortus

Welcome to the forums. Oh and Eldar are Sweet, enjoy playing them.
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Default Re: Greetings from Craftworld Mortus

welcome to TAUONLINE
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Default Re: Greetings from Craftworld Mortus

Welcome to TO! Be sure to read the Forum Rules and to Vote for TO! I'm sure that with your infinite wisdom you will shine here on the boards! Enjoy your stay!
~A'u'nat ;D
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Default Re: Greetings from Craftworld Mortus

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