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Default Hello!

Greetings Commanders!
40 year old player here (yup, 40, is that the oldest?) from Canada and have been playing for about five years now. I've got about 3500 points of generic S.M. (that I haven't used since I was a noob) roughly 2500 points of I.G. that were a labor love but alas routinely have their butts handed to them, and most recently 1700 points of Necrons.
My latest conquest will be to understand the greater good.
I'm going to buy the following as a start to the army that I hope to build to 2000+ points over the next year;
1 Aun'shi
1 Fire warrior team
1 Human auxiliary squad
4 XV15 Stealth suits plus 1 Stealth team leader
2 Broadsides

I don't have the Codex yet, so I wouldn't know how many points that is but thats what I'm gonna start off with. My idea is that a small detatchment of Tau have come to bolster a human outpost on the fringes of the Empire so no Kroot but quite a few human traitors eventually.
Any suggestions?
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Default Re: Hello!

Greetings 40 is certaintly older that the norm, not too sure if its the oldest though! Try asking your question in the Tau board - you should get a larger response.
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Default Re: Hello!

Welcome to TO! Be sure to read the Forum Rules and to Vote for TO! I'm sure that with your infinite wisdom you will shine here on the boards! Enjoy your stay!
~A'u'nat ;D
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Default Re: Hello!

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