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just started tau NEED HELP!
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Default just started tau NEED HELP!

hey y'all, i just got interested in the tau, so i bought the tau codex, where should i go from there? before 40k i was playing LOTR so im not that newbiesh, i just need some good advice, thanks.
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Default Re: just started tau NEED HELP!

Welcome Sarnas.

Since it seems you have questions aobuta few diffrent things I'd suggest trying in the army specific boards for the best response. Still, if your starting out two troop choices and a HQ are best. I'lll let the Tau players take it from there if you just hop into thier specific board and give them another try.
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Default Re: just started tau NEED HELP!

ya, see thats what i mean :-\ but i guess i will take your advice, thanks
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Default Re: just started tau NEED HELP!

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Default Re: just started tau NEED HELP!

it pretty much depends how much money your working with .... either way the best deal really is to go on ebay and get a boxed set ... i got one for like 60 bucks ... its got 3 crisis suits, 12 fire warriors, 12 kroot and like 10 drones ... so youve already got your hq and 2 troops, plus some for a pretty good price .... after thats all built id go for some heavy support... a broadside with shield generator is proly the best bet for a first heavy support unit ... i personally think its harder to kill than a hammerhead and on top of that, its got a twin linked railgun.... after that its pretty much up to you ... definately wana work on the heavy support tho til you have like 3 broadsides and a hammerhead or two, and always keep alot of infantry ... kroot are severely underrated by alot of people, cuz they dont use them right .... kroot cost a point more than an IG soldier and for that point theyre stronger, i believe faster, 2 attacks and a considerably better weapon, altho they do lose the save, the numbers you can field at this cost makes it worth while ... to use kroot well you wana have alot of them and use their infiltration ability to your advantage... you can get them into CC on the first turn if you infiltrate them into cover and when you have a larger army, around 2 or 3000 points, the points you sacrifice on them to keep your enemy tied up is well worth it because within a turn or two you can have devilfish full of fire warriors in range to wipe out whatever is left of the enemy infantry and by that time your superior heavy support should have wiped out theirs ... anyway ive talked too much .. it all does depend on what strategies you wana go with ... but the tau are very good for blitzing because they have alot of infiltrators and deepstrikers available .... peace O0
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Default Re: just started tau NEED HELP!

I think its best to start out with:
1 HQ
1 elite's
2-3 Troops
1 heavy sapport
and go from there.

let us all know how your battles go!

Peace >
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