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*Grins and waves*
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Default *Grins and waves*

Back in 1992, my brother bought me my very first 40K Miniature- an Eldar Warlock, holding his witchblade at arm's length, blade poiting at the ground. I loved the look of this miniature, so I painted it.

He asked if I wanted to play this game called Warhammer 40,000. I told him I felt the game was for "nerds".

The next week he bought me a blister of Swooping Hawks. I painted them, and loved their look too. The following week it was Howling Banshees, then Dark Reapers, an Avatar, Dire Avengers, and Scorpions.

Back then, it cost $7.00 to buy 5 man Aspect squad. The Avatar was 1/3 the size he is now, and at least 3x as powerful.

He continued to buy things, Orks and Imperial Guard for himself while our other friends collected Space Wolves and Chaos. We went haflsies on a box of Harlequins. Before I knew it, I had an army ready to play, and his final act was to buy all of the rulebooks.

It's been 4 editions of rules since then. I could tell tales of Genestealer hybrids with Graviton Guns. Of Ork Combi Weapons with 6 different barrels.

My first Craftworld was Iyanden, which I tended to play like a Biel-Tan list, until 3rd Edition when I was forced to buy lots of Wratihguard. I still own that very first Warlock. Since then, I've had most of my success with Iyanden, though 50% of the time I play another fun but challenging army, an Ork Kult of Speed. Here is a list of the Armies I've owned and played. With the Eldar and Ork variants, I own enough models to field Craftworlds/variants seperately.

Biel Tan
Kult of Speed
'Nilla Orks
Savage Orks
Mentor Legion Space Marines
Genestealer Kult
Lost and the Damned
Imperial Guard

I took about 3 years off the game, but I generally keep up with rules and Codexes. As an older player, I get burned out quickly (my tournament days are well behind me) but I enjoy teaching new players all the time. I always teach the game in terms of movement, and enjoy being a referee when I'm not playing.

Thanks for reading!

Bonus points to whoever can tell me where my screen name is from.

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Default Re: *Grins and waves*


Wow that's alot of armies
I only have 2.
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Default Re: *Grins and waves*



I only have .85 of an army.......... LOL ;D
Check out my art work
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Default Re: *Grins and waves*

i claim the bonus point!

Fifty years before the Tyranid attack on Iyanden, High Admiral Yriel had led the Iyanden fleet with unmatched skill and judgement. However, he was accused of the flaw of pride after a gamble that put Iyanden at risk from a Chaos fleet. His rash actions and refusal to admit his mistake led to him being put on trial. Yriel was deposed as High Admiral, and wowed never to return. The outcast commander had taken those of his fleet still loyal to him and left, bitter and enraged. Over the years, he and his followers had formed an Eldar Raider company that was the largest and most glorious Eldar pirate force in the galaxy.

Word of Iyanden’s impending doom had reached the renegade Prince Yriel, formerly the High Admiral of Iyanden’s fleet and once the finest amongst his peers. Although Yriel still nursed a righteous anger towards his former craftworld, the fires of his wrath had cooled. At first, he ignored Iyanden’s peril, but in the end he could not bear to see it destroyed utterly, and his fleet made all speed to the battle.

Like the burning spear of Khaine, Yriel’s forces struck deep into the Tyranid hive swarm enveloping Iyanden. The remainder of the craftworld’s battered fleet joined him, and together they ripped the heart from the Tyranid swarm, destroying everything the Tyranids threw at Iyanden before it could reach the surface. Wave after wave was repelled. Grimly, Yriel wowed to give his life in the defence of his people.

On the bridges of his ship, vigilant eyes scanned the runes of their scanners, awaiting the next wave. Tense hours passed, but it did not come. The space-borne hive fleet had been destroyed.

Under Iyanden’s skies, the battle still raged. With their fleet destroyed, the Tyranids hurled themselves at the defenders one last time. This unexpected assault nearly broke the back of the Eldar ground forces, the Aspect Warriors desperately falling back through the living passageways of the craftworld. The Fortress of the Red Moon fell to hundreds of screeching Raveners and Hormagaunts, whilst Ripper swarms devoured the dead. The Place of Answering, where the Eldar first realised the magnitude of the danger facing them, fell to an assault led by a massive Hive Tyrant. Even with victory within their grasp, it seemed as though the Eldar would not triumph.
But, in a final act of loyalty that restored Yriel as a hero of his people for all eternity, the Raider Prince led his solider to battle at the front line. A desperate war of attrition forced the Tyranids back, building by building. One last charge, led by the vile Tyrant itself, was annihilated by the combined might of the Avatar, the Ghost Warriors and Yriel’s raiders. All that remained was to hunt down the scattered remnants of the Tyranid invaders. Iyanden had finally repelled the Tyranids’ assault.

“We may have won the battle, but our ancestors have lost their souls.”
Prince Yriel

*bows and accept the trophy*

Welcome to TO. Its a nice place. Take off your exarch suit. sheathe your executioner. join me in a beer. have a good time.
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"What warriors of men can stand beside the Space Wolves! The Sons of Fenris they are, hardened in the forge of their harsh world, eager for battle and honour. They are the grey warriors, ashen like the wolf, whose greatest joy is to hear the clamour of steel amidst the din of war. None can step before them, they are the first, proud in their strength and jealous of their renown. Through the storms of the warp they come, upon the very tides of terror, but of such dangers they are uncaring. They are the Space Wolves, the Undefeated, the bane of the Emperor's foes."
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Default Re: *Grins and waves*


All those armies, but none Tau. With prices as they are, I'm just hoping to get up to 2000 pts of Tau.

If you read this sentince, it will tell you nothing.
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