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Old 05 Sep 2005, 10:55   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default HIYA

just wanted to introduce myself.. Names Megz.. ... Will chat to you all later i suppose...

KK byes for now
AkA MurderDoll :-* :-* ;D ;D
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Default Re: HIYA

Welcome to TO. Heh one of the first females I have met on this site. Have a good stay!
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Default Re: HIYA

No, there was DarkAngel a while ago, and AITA...

'Lo Angel... what armies do you play?

Welcome to O and happy posting![sup](c)Magnus the Red 2005[/sup]

Yeah, I play WoW. So sue me.
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Default Re: HIYA

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Default Re: HIYA

Heya and welcome to TO!

Looking forward to seeing you around the boards.
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