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Greater Good Be With Me
Closed Thread
Old 04 Sep 2005, 06:11   #1 (permalink)
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Default Greater Good Be With Me

Shas'El Blind Sight Reporting for duty from being Body guard of the Aun'O on T'au

guess what army I collect and love

Hope to see you guys around
Originally Posted by Wargamer
I only make three demands:

1) Know your army's fluff.

2) Know your army's rules to a reasonable degree.

3) Don't post like a six year old.
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Default Re: Greater Good Be With Me

Mmh, If I read your reporting part I would guess it's the guard :P
No was just fun, it's absolutely clar which army you play.

Have a lot of fun around here, may write a little bit more about your hobby(how long you played, how many minis,...)
Did you already place your pin on the location map? If not do so.
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Default Re: Greater Good Be With Me

Hi, as everyone says, check you grammar and spelling, dont spam, and have FUN!!!... i am the Crazy WT (AKA RIBENAMAN!!!)
Originally Posted by Aloh´Ta
Edit by FT: Corrected your grammar and made it easier to read.
Eidt by JD: I dunno how you managed to read it after the changes FT
Edit by AC: JD you've spelt edit incorrectly...
Edit by WG: I just wanted to be part of the moment. :P
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Greater Good Be With Me

Hi, welcome to TO.
Mr. Lascannon, say hello to Mr. Railgun
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Default Re: Greater Good Be With Me

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