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veteran returns to war...
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Kroot Shaper
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Default veteran returns to war...

i just borrowed my brother's 40k rulebook and read thru it. I used to play back in 1990-ish right when 2nd ed. was first coming out and some of the pre-40k 'Rogue Trader' supplements were still used as rules... (no I'm not that old, I just started young) i see a lot has changed and i am likely to be destroyed for my first few games back due to unfamiliarity with new rules systems.

Once upon a time I had a 3000 point Eldar army (in 2nd. ed, points were worth about 2x what they are now - so that would translate to about 1500 nowadays) and roughly 5000 points (10000 4th ed.) of Marines - an entire Company...

changes in lifestyle and priorities led me to abandon the Gaming thing for a while as I set out to go play in rock bands and travel... so i GAVE AWAY ALL MY FIGURES to my brother. ahhh what a pity... even so, with the new rules, a lot of unit options are different and much of my brave lil' troops probably wouldn't be 'legal' with new army lists (anyone ever heard of an Ogryn Mighty Hero psyker with a lascannon with a chain-axe bayonette and a Displacer field?? dang... i guess i can't use him either ...)

so having settled down and finished with the rock n roll thing, i decided to revisit my old obsession. I arranged a deal with a guy to paint his figures and in exchange he would buy me enough to get started...

i have ALWAYS loved the Imperial Guard, they just look so cool, and they are such lovable underdogs... the "just men, but men with courage yattah yattah" theme is very cool... but back when I played ,GW didn't support them much and it was hard to find the right figures to put together any kind of effective force (what good is a 'Leman Russ' in the army list if nobody makes a figure for it? or Assassins, Arbites, all those 'Agents' used to be on the Guard list - but there were no figs) - a few days back, after a short look at the catalog I was amazed... plus theres SO MUCH plastic which I like cuz its easy to do conversions with -

SOooo... to make a long story longer: I have managed to garner the boxed 'cadian battleforce' which has 20 shock troops, 3 weapon teams, a leman russ, and also the basic 'Cadian Command Squad' , and a commissar (armed with a pow axe and FLAMER of all things... which the IG Codex doesnt have as an option... hmmm... ahhh yes, i remember now, GW and their meticulous attention to detail). having looked thru the Codex, I have discovered that I cannot make a legally playable force with these elements, so I found me a loophole...

"Col. Fenix's 666th Penal Legion ('2nd-to-the-last-chancers&#39": by heavilly tricking out and converting the 20 shock troops to turn them into a ramshackle and group of irregulars with no uniformity in formation or armament, and converting the Leman Russ Tank commander into an infantry guy armed just as Col. Schaeffer - I have created my own unit which counts as an HQ AND 2 troop selections... and is LADEN with special weapons and odd bits n pieces like shotguns and snip guns (all conversions to the figs) - i dunno I'm pretty proud of how they turned out, but I know they will get slaughtered <sniff, sniff> because each guy is costing about TWICE as much as a regular guardsman, I wont have the number advantage, and though the Penal troopers have slightly better stats, i dont think it offsets this fact very much... Still, add the Hvy Weap squads, the Tank, and the commissar, and I have a 1000 point, extremely irregular guard army. anyhoo, i just found your forum today so i figured i would come say hello...
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Default Re: veteran returns to war...

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