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Default hi

hey, what do u think to my list, and if ne1 says its bad i'd just like to say i won the 40kforums.com torny a few weeks ago with this list

Etheral 2 c.c.weapons 50
Comander twin fusion gun, M.pod, H.W.Multitracker,H.W.T.lock,H.W.drone controller,a gun drone 92

crisis team 1 P.Rifle, M.Pod, M.tracker 195
crisis team 2 P.Rifle, M.Pod, M.tracker 195

Crisis team 3 2 with twin p.rifle, shield drone
team leader with Twin p.rifle, f.gun,H.W.M.tracker 219

F.Warriors Pulse rifles 60
Kroot- green kroot rifles 70
Kroot- blue kroot rifles 70

H.Head 1 Rail gun, S.M.system, M.Tracker, t.lock, D.Launchers 180
H.Head 2 Rail gun, S.M.system, M.Tracker, t.lock, D.Launchers 180
H.Head 3 Rail gun, B.Cannons, M.Tracker, t.lock, D.Launchers 170


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Default Re: hi


Welcome to TO.

I'd like to point out that this should be posted in the Tau board.

And just becuase you won a tournament with it doesnt mean that it isn't 'bad'.
It seems a little powergamey to me, but I'm no expert on Tau- as I said, go to the Tau board for their opinions.

And, if you ever feel like collecting Tyranids, come to me ;D
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Default Re: hi


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