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Old 26 Aug 2005, 15:00   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Hi


Suppose I had better start off with a bit about my background in the hobby

Not much to say, Ive been in the background for a while (2nd Ed I believe was when I first got into it), back then it was Space Marines that got me interested, but due to total lack of interest on my friends behalf (that and lack of money, being a teenager and all) so I kinda drifted away, a mate scored the 3rd ED boxed set which got me interested again. Anyways, lack of money and friends interest I kinda "got over" it all again. So, anywho I was on my lunch break during the day for once (I work nights usually so I just read) I was wandering around the local shops and lo and behold what did I find? A small gaming store, Im sure you all know the type, small cramped full of wargaming and dnd style stuff. And I walked out the door with a Tau Battle Force after my next pay day. Anyway a few weeks later here I am finally with some free time, between assembling models and trying to impress girls when Im out with my friends.

Anyways Im 21, and located in/on/around the Northern Beaches in Sydney, sell Alcohol for a living and well yea, now collect Tau.

And I figured it would be polite to introduce myself before I ask for help, jump into discussions way over my head and generally make a nuisance of myself.
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Default Re: Hi

welcome to TO

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Default Re: Hi

Selling alcohol?

I don't suppose you could get us all some good deals, do ya?

Nah, seriously, welcome to TO

I don't collect Tau myself, but just pop over to the Tau board to see how many people (too many, in my opinion) do collect them...

And if you ever decide to collect tyranids, you know who to come to
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Default Re: Hi

I hate shaving.

How much for a half decent lager? (nothing franco-belgian, or american)

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Default Re: Hi

hello happy to not see you welcome to TO hope you have a hungry day! :
Those who fly are those who die.

and then there are the cat towers
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