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hello to the tau world. old memories...
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Default hello to the tau world. old memories...

Hi everybody. i used to play Tau, a long time ago, and then wanted something new. still can't decide, and i wanted to play eldar. with the "tau empires" codex coming around, i am thinking about starting them again. i am thinking of selling all my old tau and just starting fresh when the codex comes out, so i will have plenty of $ to buy whatever i need. (and i just like starting fresh, not to mention all the new rules that might change my army a lot) O0
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Default Re: hello to the tau world. old memories...

sounds cool

welcome to TO 8)

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Default Re: hello to the tau world. old memories...

Welcome to the forums!* I would wait before selling anything.* Many of the rumors have been the effect that this is more of an update than a complete reenvisioning.* I doubt we will see new models to replace the bulk of the existing line, with the possible exception of new Crisis suits.
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