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Default hello

Just found this site last night on a google seach. I must say its nice. I have already submitted one of my conversions. The Firewarrior w/ a burst cannon.
The army i want
3 teams of 12 firewarriors (got 20 guys)
2 teams of 12 Human Aux(got 0 guys)
1 devil fish (painted and ready for combat)
8 pathfinders (3 w/railguns) ( railguns painted 5 pathfindes not)
5 stealth (got 2 unpainded need to get 3 more)
1 team of 3 broadside (got 1 broad side)
1 hammerhead (dont have)
1 hg shas'o 10 body guard drones (not enought drones)
2 teams of 2 crises (need 4 more crises)
This should be about 2k army here or a little less off by 100 points maybe. Any comments?
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Default Re: hello

yo dude welcome to TO 8)

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Default Re: hello

Hey man, try posting your questions in your army specific board!
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Default Re: hello

welcome to TO

FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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