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I'm Back
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Old 12 Aug 2005, 01:23   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default I'm Back

Hey all. Been busy working on sooo much it's unreal. So unfortunatly I've had to make do with just lurking around. But I'm back now!

Originally Posted by Nova
"Warning: Possible side-effects include: Armor Penetration, vaporisation, localised crater formation, vehicular exit-wounds, charred husks, slag, ignition of environing atmosphere and occasional death. Staring down barrel may induce nausea and/or explosive diarhea or other flu-like symptoms. Repeated firing while hugging primary coils may result in genetic deteriorations in as much as 12% of the population. Always keep away from face"
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Default Re: I'm Back

....... i dont have a clue who you are, but welcome back 8)

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Default Re: I'm Back

Originally Posted by ┼rtiglio
....... i dont have a clue who you are, but* welcome back 8)
Considering he only has 30 posts that's not surprising but welcome back anyway.
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