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Default New to these Forums


I have just registered on this forum and thought it would be polite to introduce myself first.

I am Ross, 26 years old and currently living in Portsmouth, England. I have been playing warhammer for about 17 years now but never really got into the forum side of the game. I have various armies but the main ones at present are my Dark Angels and my Tau, do use my Necrons now and again when I get bored of the other two. Have others but not used them for a long time my eldar and catachan guard army are gathering dust in my cupboard.

Enjoy playing a lot of specialist games also my favourite being necromunda and have various gangs in that also but not many people playing this unfortunately anymore

Anyway that is my little introduction over I will look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible.

Thanks for reading
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Default Re: New to these Forums


Quick hi. I have faith that other people will give you the usual "follow the rules" :rulez: stuff, so I'll say you picked a good forum to come to instead ;D
17 years eh? Phew. That's one year less than I've been alive. I'm sure you've got some tips you can share around here... maybe provide some new perspective on the Tau board sometime? I may see you there.

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