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New Tau Player from the Philippines
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Kroot Warrior
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Default New Tau Player from the Philippines

Hello Everyone!

I'm Jhei from the Philippines. I am a Tyranid player (a member of TheTyranidHive.com, also known as NidzillaManila in youtube.com) and I am now shifting to my third army.

Why did I choose Tau? I like the challenge of playing an army that has received a lot of criticism in my country. In most cases, I do own a Space Marine army, although, I am a bit weary on the context that players are very one-dimensional in tactics due to the fact that there are a lot of MEq armies and Mechanized armies around.

I plan on building 2 types of armies: 1) Kroot-Broadside Spam and 2) Hammerhead/Infiltrate/Markerlight army. I hope that I can learn a ton of stuff from you guys!

Cheers and MABUHAY!
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Default Re: New Tau Player from the Philippines

Hmm, seems you Nid players are coming out of the wood work en masse. :P

Another fellow just came from the Hive as well.

In any case, glad to have you on board and here's my standard rolled out carpet. ;D

Welcome to Tauonline. Might I suggest these few portions of our website to get you started on your reign of Tau terror?

First up is always the stickied rules in the "Announcements" Link here for conveniences sake and stickied topics right at the top of the "Introduce Yourself" section this is posted in. That all lays down the basics at least.

As you'll quickly find out we don't just cater to Tau players, but most of us (Tau players) center around the Tau board
Now, in the stickied topics at the top of the page, you'll find an excellent assortment of information. At the bare minimum I encourage you to look through the articles so that you know what our local slang/acronyms mean. It's not strictly required, but it does help us help you more efficiently.

If you already have a rough estimate of what you want to do with your Tau or the units inside, the Tau Army lists board is a great place to see what we feel like running at the time.
Tau lists here

A good start to your army list building will be determining the points level you want to build to and then further defining the style of army you wish to play.

Very broadly the Tau fight in a Mech (many vehicles and suits), Static (largely immobile units and gun lines, not very popular in the current format), and Hybrid (by far the most popular style, these lists largely make use of multiple static and mechanized units).

On our boards, you'll notice mentions of a "Ninja" tau. While almost it's own style, this is a very distinct Hybrid playstyle that one of our members invented. It's peculiar workings are too lengthy to explain in just this post so I leave the link to that here!

So there's your basic needs met for the most part.

Paint-wise... That's a personal choice really. Everyone has their own idea of what works and I've seen Tau color schemes run the gamut of the choices available.

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Default Re: New Tau Player from the Philippines

Originally Posted by edu_manzanas
Hello Everyone!

I'm Jhei from the Philippines. I am a Tyranid player (a member of TheTyranidHive.com, also known as NidzillaManila in youtube.com) and I am now shifting to my third army.

Cheers and MABUHAY!
Mabuhay comrade-in-arms !
Fellow RHGC here - Omegatron ;D

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